Atlanta Photographer Shoots “Artistic Nudes” To Show The Beauty Of Women Through Lighting

The Art of Creating The Perfect Setup

For Atlanta photographer Michael Davidson, the perfect lighting makes for the best photo. Davidson spends hours to days creating the lighting setup, which sometimes involves him starting the process all over.

Photo of woman's legs against black by Michael Davidson
“Artist Nudes”, for Atlanta photographer Michael Davidson, the perfect lighting makes for the best photo. (Picture provided by Michael Davidson)

Through his lighting work, he’s able to expose shapes, curves, and shadows in his photography.

Bringing over 40 years of Experience to the Game

He has over 40 years of experience in the game. Davidson describes his work as “artistic nudes” where he uses lighting and photography to show the beauty of women’s bodies.

“I’m looking at the female body as an art form,” said Davidson.

Davidson hasn’t always shown off his work publicly but that recently changed at his first solo exhibit held in Atlanta. The event was organized by Koncept House and The Stuyvesant. Koncept hosts monthly art experiences, which gave Davidson the opportunity to showcase his work to the public in a new way.

Michael Davidson, Atlanta photographer, portrait against black
Michael Davidson, often spends hours to days creating the lighting setup. (Picture provided by Michael Davidson)

“I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey. It has always been my desire to show my work and the creations of the figure models that have been so patient and inspirational,” said Davidson. “Up to this point, I have been tentative about moving from digital imagery to printed images.”

These Images Just Touch The Surface

With around 300-400 terabytes, it was hard for Davidson to pick which photos to use for the exhibit. He said it came to the point where he chose picked random photos; one’s that stood out to him the most. He wanted to keep in mind that his art can be seen as risky, so he wanted to go light for this show.

“These particular images just touch the surface of what I do,” he said.

Davidson has a show coming up within the next few weeks that will feature more of his real artistic nude work.

Follow the Journey

Follow more of Davidson’s art journey.

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