Alverno College Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for Higher Education

Alverno College faculty teaching students. (Picture courtesy  Alverno College)
Alverno College faculty teaching students. (Picture courtesy Alverno College)

First Institution to Win

Alverno College received the 2021 Trudy W. Banta Lifetime Achievement in Assessment Award, which is an achievement award that highlights national leaders in assessment work. Alverno College is the first institution to receive the prestigious award.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs Joseph Foy, Ph.D. sees this award as a testament to the legacy of educational innovation. He said that the college strives to deconstruct the traditional hierarchy of higher education.

“More institutions should take a look at the women leaders that are graduating from Alverno and the impact they are making in their communities,” Foy said. “The approach that is taken at the institute is women-centered. Our approach is different from traditional higher education institutions, specifically on the looks of empowering women and making a difference in their professions.

Alverno College was established in 1887, and since 1970, the college has made it its mission to be a positive leader in higher education. The institution leads in an ability-based curriculum, focusing on skills that employers value today. The students are assessed by faculty members, peers, and professionals on eight skills: communication, analysis, problem-solving, valuing in decision-making, social interaction, developing a goal perspective, effective citizenship, and aesthetic engagement.

Adjusting to the Pandemic

Alverno College students immersed in one of their classes. (Photo courtesy  Alverno College)
Alverno College students immersed in one of their classes. (Photo courtesy Alverno College)

During the pandemic, Alverno made it their priority to help their students as much as possible with the new changes.

“To be recognized at this particular point in history with this award means a lot to our faculty, who every day are working hard to make sure our students are engaging meaningfully and thoughtfully,” he said. “Our teachers helped students use assessment to assist students to achieve those outcomes and make a difference in transforming lives.”

The Trudy Lifetime Achievement in Assessment Award will be presented at the 2021 Assessment Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis from October 24-27, 2021. It will be a part of the virtual event that will host over 250 educational sessions addressing assessment topics, themes, and trends.

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