DrownMili Returns to the Rolling Loud Festival 2024 in California and Catches Up with the Carvd N Stone Team

DrownMili Returns to Rolling Loud

DrownMili performed on the last day of the Rolling Loud Festival 2024 in California. The artist appeared on the Rolling Loud Stages in 2023 where he performed his single “Thrasher!”.

DrownMili describes his music as Alternative Rock and spoke with the Carvd N Stone (CNS) Team last year about his thoughts on the relationship between the Black community and the history of the genre.

“A lot of people say, ‘Wow you do Rock, that’s so different,’ like bro we did this shit,” said DrownMilli in last year’s interview with CNS. “It’s me going back to the roots, that’s natural, me being myself.”

Reflecting on Last Year  

The rapper stopped to talk to the CNS Team again this year and discussed the progression of his music and performances since the 2023 festival.

This year he was able to really connect the audience to his creative vision. 

“[It’s] just experience, learning different people. The more you do it, the more you understand your vision,” said DrownMili. “I think people are really starting to understand where I’m coming from, so that feels good.”

DrownMili at the Rolling Loud Festival 2024 in California. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/ Carvd N Stone)
DrownMili at the Rolling Loud Festival 2024 in California. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/ Carvd N Stone)

Since his last appearance at the music festival, Drownmili says he’s been working on making a more cohesive sound with his music, blending the worlds of Rap and Rock into his unique creation.

“Definitely learning how to incorporate all the different sounds into one big thing that’s its own sound,” said DrownMili. “Taking the Rock, taking the Rap, taking the whatever, just whatever comes to me naturally and combining them and giving them to the people.”

The Next Project 

DrownMili revealed that he is working on a new project that is set to come out sometime this year. The project has been named “Life’s A Mess”. 

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