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Welcome to the Carvd N Stone Podcast where our positive news articles come to life. Listen every Tuesday as we interview entrepreneurs, community members, CEOs, and everyday people about the positive things in their lives. CNS Podcast is an extension of the Carvd N Stone brand. 

Season 2 ended on May 28, 2024. ​

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Latest Episodes

Season 2 ended on May 28, 2024. ​

EP46: Maria Peralta-Arellano, The Impact of the Carvd N Stone Internship Program

Carvd N Stone Spring 2024 reporter and marketing intern Maria Peralta-Arellano chatted about her experience in the CNS internship program, what she learned, and being a recent college graduate.

EP45: Ajamou Butler, Founder of Milwaukee's Heal the Hood Created A Movement Through Activism, Art, and Education

Founder Ajamou Butler chatted about the evolution of his organization Heal the Hood. Butler also discussed being genuine and creating a brand outside of social media.

EP44: Kayla Lewis-Allen, From Full Circle Television to We Be Abroad and Taking 47 Black People to Egypt and Beyond

Owner Kayla Lewis-Allen chatted about how journaling led her to start Full Circle Television, a platform built on highlighting all types of relationships. Lewis-Allen also discussed expanding her brand with We Be Abroad which helps Black people safely travel the world.

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