414Life Advocates for A Safe Community at the 12th Annual Heal The Hood Block Party in Milwaukee

The Commitment of 414Life

Heal the Hood is a movement to create a safer and healthier environment and empower the community. Organizations across the city, such as 414Life, banded together to serve the community with the resources necessary to create healthy, safe, and stable lives by participating in the annual Heal the Hood Block Party.

414Life is a violence prevention organization that aids victims of shootings and works with children in local schools to teach them about the dangers of gun violence while showing them safe alternate paths in life.

Education and Community

Terry O’Kelly was present at the 12th annual Heal the Hood Block Party, passing out free food and drinks with a smile on his face. As a member of 414Life, it was vital that he was out in the community showing the youth the positive impact of community engagement.

“This is Milwaukee, this is our neighborhood so it’s a must for the community for the youth to see the positivity in the city instead of all the negativity that is portrayed on the news.” 

– Terry O’Kelly

In the 12 years that Heal The Hood has been organizing the block party, there has never been a violent interruption, something that 414Life values.

For O’Kelly, it takes a communal effort to create safe and healthy living spaces for a community.

Terry O’Kelly with 414Life and Carvd N Stone reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano. (Picture by Fred Young/Carvd N Stone)
Terry O’Kelly with 414Life and Carvd N Stone reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano. (Picture by Fred Young/Carvd N Stone)

“A healed hood looks like a collective effort from the community,” said O’Kelly. “That’s the way to patch up the hood, which is healing it. Everybody hands on deck, everybody being involved, just a positive environment. “

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Maria Peralta-Arellano

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