“A Real Pain” and “My Old Ass” Win Big at Sundance Film Festival 2024

40 Years of Films

The Sundance Film Festival celebrated 40 years of showing and honoring independent films. Out of thousands of submissions from around the world, only a few were selected to premiere at Sundance including films “A Real Pain” directed by Jesse Eisenberg and “My Old Ass” directed by Megan Park.

Both films left the festival as winners.

A Real Pain

Eisenberg has been acting for years and has recently stepped into the roles of director and writer. His latest film A Real Pain features him co-starring with Emmy-winning Succession star Kieran Culkin who play mismatched cousins David and Benji. The two reunite for a tour of Poland to honor their grandmother, but in their time together old issues come back to surface.

“As an actor, I try to live inside of somebody else’s world. I try not to think about the movie, how it’s going to look because it makes me distracted…as a director you have to do the exact opposite,” said Eisenberg. “You have to think how is this movie going to play for people?”

In some scenes, Eisenberg said he found himself checking cameras and making sure everything was looking how he pictured it when he orginally wrote the script.

Jesse Eisenberg.
Jesse Eisenberg. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

According to Culkin, thanks to Eisenberg’s great writing he just had to show up and perform.

“He wrote a really funny script and it sort of just comes out…when I was reading it I was laughing out loud,” said Culkin.

During Sundance, A Real Pain closed a $10 million deal with Searchlight Pictures which now has worldwide rights to the film. A Real Pain also won the Sundance competition Waldo Salt Screenwriting award.

A Real Pain will have a theatrical release later this year.

My Old Ass

This comedy film takes us through time travel as the main character Elliot takes a mushroom trip the summer before she starts college. On her trip, Elliot meets her older self, which then leaves her to question her life decisions as she prepares to start a new chapter in her life.

This film is a coming-of-age story.

This is Park’s second director debut and it’s being picked up by Amazon MGM Studios. According to Variety, Amazon is in final negotiations to acquire My Old Ass. The deal is estimated around $15 million.

“I’ve been so lucky to experience so many things, even just filming this movie in the place it’s set…it was all just a dream,” said Park.

Megan Park.
Megan Park. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

The film is expected to be released later this year.

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