Angela Yee, Pinky Cole, And Milan Harris Talk Real Estate And Getting To The Money At Invest Fest 2022

Women in Business Panel

Women weren’t forgotten at Invest Fest 2022, hosted by Earn Your Leisure. The “Women in Business” panel featuring radio host Angela Yee, Slutty Vegan Owner Aisha “Pinky” Cole, and Fashion Designer Milan Harris gave women the spotlight and financial advice they needed.

Milan Harris (L) and Angela Yee (R) speaking at Invest Fest 2022.
Milan Harris (L) and Angela Yee (R) speaking at Invest Fest 2022. (Picture by Source)

The panel was hosted by Quiana Watson, who is a top real estate agent in Atlanta. According to Watson, only 4.2% of women-owned businesses are making more than a million dollars. Yet, on the flip side, women-owned businesses generate $1.9 trillion in revenue.

Yee, Cole, and Harris are known for breaking barriers in different industries, but they all have two things in common: real estate and making money. The panelists encouraged the women in the crowd to invest even if they’d never done it before.

Milano Di Rouge made $60 Million in Revenue

“We gotta make our money work,” said Harris, who has made $60 million in revenue from her clothing brand Milano Di Rouge. “My money has to do work and make more money.”

Harris went from selling t-shirts from her trunk to purchasing her own warehouse in Atlanta. Just like the rest of the panel, Harris is all about ownership which is why she purchased a property for her son and put it in his trust.

Cole is new to the real estate game and is currently in real estate school, but she doesn’t let that stop her from investing now. According to Cole, every time she gets a speaking engagement check, she uses that as a deposit for a new house.

She also has a system of how she gets her property; 70% she purchases, and 30% she leases.

Slutty Vegan $100 Million Valuation

Although Cole recently raised $25 million, bringing Slutty Vegan’s Valuation to $100 million, Cole is not only banking on the business to sustain her and her family.

According to Cole, her business properties add up to around $19 million, and her personal properties are at around $10 million. She also recently purchased a block of houses with her fiancé.

Along with owning the Slutty Vegan brand itself, Cole owns the land on which her businesses reside on.

“I’m building a billion-dollar brand,” said Cole.

Anglea Yee’s 30-Unit Building

Yee is usually behind the mic interviewing and spreading the news on the air for The Breakfast Club, but she also spends her time purchasing properties and investing in new businesses.

She recently purchased a 30-unit building that will have an all-female team to re-develop the property. According to Yee, this is her biggest property purchase yet.

Yee credits her success in real estate to partnering with others who have more knowledge than her. For her, it’s all about being willing to learn and bringing others along with her.

“If you can talk to somebody that can mentor you, that has already done the thing that it is that you’re trying to do, and get some advice, that can save you a lot of mistakes. Mistakes can be really costly,” said Yee.

Invest Fest 2022 Video Interviews

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