Black Joy: A Mother and Daughter Retreat is Inviting Milwaukee Moms to Join them for A Weekend of Outdoor Fun with their Daughters

First Annual Mother and Daughter Retreat

Race and Faith, a Milwaukee-based business that provides anti-racism education to individuals and organizations, is hosting its inaugural Black Joy: Mother and Daughter Retreat from April 26-28, 2024 in Elkhorn, WI. Race and Faith hosts multiple Black Joy Retreats for Milwaukee’s Black community throughout the year but this is the first one dedicated to bring Milwaukee mothers and daughters together.

The retreat will feature meaningful conversations, nature immersions, creative expression, activities, and spaces to celebrate Black Excellence. The weekend away is meant to honor the bond between mothers and daughters.

Race and Faith's first annual Black Joy: A Mother and Daughter Retreat is April 26-28, 2024.
Race and Faith’s first annual Black Joy: A Mother and Daughter Retreat is April 26-28, 2024. (Picture by Race and Faith)

Race and Faith Founder Rhonda Hill started started Black Joy Retreats to give Black people a space to reconnect with themselves and their community.

“It’s a way of being able to provide opportunities for Black folks to gather outside of the white gaze,” said Hill.

She encourages moms and daughters to come as they are. This is a time to rest and relax with a mix of adventure.

“I want people to have fun. I want people to try something new,” she said.

Reclaiming Nature

The retreat will take place at a lodging site to encourage mothers and daughters to get in touch with nature. Most of the attendees that go to Race and Faith’s retreats come from urban environments, so Hill is giving them exposure.

Hill said one of the perks of being out in nature is it’s healing properties, including less light pollution. Hill had a realization that Black people do enjoy going outside, even though we tend to say we don’t, we just like to experience outside different then our white counterparts. Hill said you don’t have to do extreme activities to enjoy outdoors, but coming to an a space like Black Joy retreats can help you get over your fear or discomfort with the outdoors.

“I want Black people to understand that outdoors belongs to us,” said Hill. “I’m trying to help us be in touch with our joy.”

Making Outdoors Affordable

Through working with different lodging sites and small donations, Hill has been able to cut almost half of the cost for her attendees. She doesn’t want the price to deter people from enjoying something new.

As the organization continues to grow, Hill is looking for community partners to help her continue her retreats.

For more information on Black Joy retreats or to donate click here.

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