Chicken P Receives His Roses as a Leader in the Milwaukee Music Scene As The City Continues to Shine On Social Media

Milwaukee’s House Hold Name

For the younger generation of Milwaukee residents, one of the most well-known local musicians is Chicken P. Whether you know him as Lil Chicken or Chicken P, the artist has cemented himself in the music game.

Recently, Chicken P joined other local musicians and Milwaukee legends at the 2024 One World Music Festival to recognize the past, present, and future of the Milwaukee music scene. 

“It’s a blessing to finally get my roses. I’ve been rapping for a minute now and it’s finally paying off,” said Chicken P. “It just feels good, you know. I try to stay humble about it and just take it all in and appreciate it as much as I can.” 

Fueled by Passion

Chicken P has spent almost a decade in the music scene creating a name for himself, and his music, and credits it all to his passion for the music that keeps him creating new hits. 

“Once I start something I be having to finish it,” said Chicken P. “Once I started rapping, I was like, I’m a rapper so imma keep it going and I just kept it going. And the love from my fans, [once] I start[ed] seeing fans that really love me and support me, I’m like let’s go.”

Chicken P continues to make music in the hopes of uplifting his listeners and helping them work through tough moments in their life. The artist lets his audience know that no matter what hardships come to them, better days are always coming. 

A Moment to Come Together

Milwaukee holds harsh reputations in the eyes of national media but artists like Chicken P is working to bring the city together and celebrate the good things the Milwaukee community has to offer. 

Chicken P performs at the 2024 One World Music Festival in Milwaukee.
Chicken P performs at the 2024 One World Music Festival in Milwaukee. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

The One World Music Festival was an opportunity to unite the city through music and shine a light on the future of Milwaukee’s creative communities. 

“It feels good cause once upon a time the city, it was divided up. Now, everybody’s coming together and it’s all love. It’s all positive in here, ain’t nobody arguing in here, ain’t nobody fighting, it’s all good, it’s love.”

– Chicken P

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Maria Peralta-Arellano is a Milwaukee-native journalist who focuses on sharing news from her local communities. She dedicates her work to accessibility and producing bilingual coverage focused on arts, culture, and politics. She looks to explore her community through a journalistic and creative lens.

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