Cloverland Ranch: A Destination for Horseback Riding and Outdoor Activities in Georgia

Black People Horseback Ride Too

Cloverland Ranch is a Black and family-owned business located in Fayetteville, GA, that offers horseback riding and outdoor activities. Owned by married couple Candice and Lucky Sanders, the ranch started its operations in 2018 in Mississippi before relocating to Fayetteville in 2020. With 20 horses, 10 dogs, and a bunch of chickens and bunnies the Sanders family considers themselves farmers and horsemen more than traditional ranchers.

Lucky and Candice Sanders of Cloverland Ranch.
Lucky and Candice Sanders of Cloverland Ranch. (Picture by ForFuqsSake)

Lucky is passionate about increasing awareness of Black horsemen and women, and he believes that there are many more of them than most people realize.

The couple has been gaining a lot of attention with a visit from celebrities T.I. and Tiny on Valentine’s Day. The business is completely booked until March 19, 2023.

“Don’t put yourself in a box. Know that you can do any and everything,” said Candice.

Horseriding Season

The ranch offers horseback riding services that are perfect for all skill levels. Starting in April, the horses will be available for riding. Initially, the business started as a side venture but now has become a top priority.

The couple has five children, aged 22, 18, 16, 11, and a one-year-old. With family in mind, the ranch is a great place to bond over outdoor activities and enjoy quality time together.

The Sanders see the potential for further growth in the future, with plans to expand the ranch and acquire a larger property in 2024. The expansion may potentially include cabins, paintball, and ziplining, providing visitors with a full day’s experience and the chance to stay overnight.

“I think that sky’s the limit,” said Candience. “The immediate future plan is to get 100 acres in Georgia.” The ranch is currently on 40 acres.

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To learn more about Cloverland Ranch, click here.

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