DJ Jenius Breaks Down the Success of Unfinished Legacy at Summerfest 2024 in Milwaukee

Building Unfinished Legacy

Unfinished Legacy is a clothing brand that has been a growing name within the fashion world. The Milwaukee-based brand has been on the frontlines of major events happening in the city, offering unique designs with bold colors and fonts that have been changing the path for Milwaukee fashion. 

The brand began its rise in popularity in 2020 and was founded by Milwaukee-based designer, Brema Brema. Brema built his brand with the help of other creatives, including DJ Jenius, the operations manager of Unfinished Legacy. DJ Jenius has seen and helped build the brand since the beginning. 

“I can only speak from experience, so I think the biggest thing for building a brand is building a strong foundation of community,” said DJ Jenius. “Once you have a good two people to work with, they have two more friends and as long as you guys are like-minded, genuine in your purpose and intentions, then it’s up from there.”

Showing Off the Brand

The streetwear brand is known widely for its Instagram, where it shows the behind-the-scenes of the screen printing process, advertises upcoming community events, and promotes the brand’s upcoming collections. 

“A lot of the processes and designs that we show is first about providing resources for the people who want to do the same thing as us because when we were younger we didn’t have those resources,” said DJ Jenius. “Gatekeeping is something that is really prevalent in the fashion industry and that’s one of those things that we want to change.” 

The inside look viewers enjoy reflects the reality of the process of creativity and creation, showing some mistakes alongside the successes of their production. 

DJ Jenius and Cavd N Stone Reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano at the 2024 Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Picture by Nyesha Stone/Carvd N Stone)
DJ Jenius and Cavd N Stone Reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano at the 2024 Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Picture by Nyesha Stone/Carvd N Stone)

Becoming a Part of Milwaukee’s Legacy

Unfinished Legacy has collaborated with the Milwaukee Bucks, Summerfest, Muhammad Ali, and has featured several Milwaukee legends in their promotional shoots such as the Milverine

“A lot of people don’t know that we’re from Milwaukee a lot of people don’t know where Milwaukee is or what the people in Milwaukee look like,” said DJ Jenius. “We get a platform collaborating with these bigger corporations. We’re introduced to a different crowd we won’t just find when we’re doing our community engagement events.”

The brand is now focusing on expanding and bringing Unfinished Legacy across the U.S. like New York City to further its impact on the fashion industry. 

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