“Drake University’s First Black Woman Student Body President” Morgan Coleman Wins CNS Travel Writing Scholarship

Inaugural Recipient

Recent Drake University graduate Morgan Coleman is the recipient of the inaugural CNS Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship. Coleman was awarded $1,000 based on her 800-word essay about her favorite traveling experience and why.

Morgan Coleman is the 2022 CNS Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship Recipient.
Morgan Coleman is the 2022 CNS Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship Recipient. (Picture by Liyah Sumner/Carvd N Stone)

The Hintz Scholarship was created to honor Martin “Marty” Hintz who died in 2020. Hintz was a writer, reporter, and publisher that dedicated his life to travel. Steve Hintz, Martin’s son, approached Carvd N Stone in 2021 to host the scholarship.

Coleman plans on saving the scholarship money for graduate school.

Morgan’s Trip to Morocco

She loves to travel and for her essay, she wrote about her experience in Morocco. At the time, the trip was very traumatizing for Coleman, but she said she was eventually able to reflect and think of the good things.

“I learned a lot about what it means to look at a community for what it has…its assets instead of its deficits,” said Coleman.

Coleman expected a different experience since Morocco is on the African continent. But as the only Black person on her trip out of 20 students, she felt herself breaking and explaining a lot of stereotypes. Despite some of the downfalls, Coleman loved the people she met on her route to school every day, such as the hotel doorman and the owner of a juice store.

“I learned to let go and it forced me to focus on the positive things,” she said.

Drake University’s First Black Women Student Body President

She is a winner in multiple ways. Coleman is most known for her title as Drake University’s first Black woman student body president. She was elected in May 2021 and spent an entire year in the role.

Coleman was known on campus for her activism work that started her freshman year. A Drake University student received a racist threat that slipped under their door. This incident along with similar situations sparked Coleman and other students to stand up. Together, the students planned the “Paint it Black” event during the school’s annual “Painted Street”. Traditionally, students paint their own designs on the school’s pathways, instead, the students came together to paint the streets Black to show their solidarity against racism.

This was one of the many instances where Coleman showed that she could not be silenced for what she believed in. According to Coleman, she received death threats via social media but that didn’t stop her.

“I was known for putting my foot down with professors who used racial slurs in class,” she said.

With her activism reputation, she decided to run for student body president and before she knew it, she was making history.

Coleman is proud of the things she’s done at Drake University and hopes her work makes future Black students’ experiences better than hers.

“Don’t ever feel the need to put limits on yourself,” Coleman said. “Don’t be confined to what you know.”

Support the Scholarship

Click here to donate to the CNS Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship.

Nyesha Stone founded Carvd N Stone in 2017 to cover positive news while attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Stone has a B.A. in Journalism. She has raised over $30,000 to award grants and scholarships. She has also been featured in ESSENCE and worked with the American Black Film Festival.

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