Fathers Making Progress Empowers Men and Families at the 2024 Annual Heal The Hood Block Party in Milwaukee 

Improving Generational Cycles and Communities

Fathers Making Progress (FMP) tables at events all year round to help fathers and families become stronger. Their mission is to improve the community and generational cycles through strengthening fathers. Mobilizer Dominic Long was new to the Heal the Hood atmosphere but enjoyed seeing so many people get together for a positive cause.

“It’s a widespread event that’s growing. I see other cultures out here uniting as one. That’s something that’s beautiful most importantly,” said Long.

The organization has been active in Milwaukee for over 20 years under the leadership of Founder and Executive President Terron Edwards. Programs like Fathers Building Fathers and Boys 2 Leaders assist men, young and old in personal development and understanding how to be a better person and role model.

“It’s a brotherhood. We’re all about changing the community around helping out fathers and building fathers,” said Long.

There is also an alumni group that welcomes new members to the movement after completing the 12-week Fathers Building Fathers course that can act as group therapy. It is a safe space for men to come together and talk about what is going on in their lives which is why Long said Heal the Hood is a perfect environment for FMP to spread their mission.

“Heal the Hood is all about celebrating and improving the community. That is part of FMP’s mission, so that is a perfect marriage and synergy for us to be here,” said Edwards. “When one of our genuine brothers from our community puts out a call like this, all we can do is respond.”

2nd Annual FMP Awards

Dominic Long of Fathers Making Progress with Carvd N Stone Reporter Joy Boyd.(Picture by Fred Young/ Carvd N Stone)
Dominic Long of Fathers Making Progress with Carvd N Stone Reporter Joy Boyd.(Picture by Fred Young/ Carvd N Stone)

In addition to mentorship programs, FMP recognizes dads in Milwaukee at a gala ceremony each year, giving awards in categories like Rookie Dad of the Year, Girl Dad of the Year, Trailblazer Father of the Year, and Comeback Father of the Year. This year a new award was established for co-parents and creator of Heal the Hood Ajamou Butler won along with the mother of his son, Tia Love Debenedetto.

The awards gala is being held at the Institute for the Preservation of African American Music and Arts (IPAMA) in Milwaukee on June 14, 2024. Performances, a silent auction, and dinner will be served while giving recognition to the evening’s award winners.

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