“Forbidden Fruit”: An Art and Vegan Food Experience Happens Today, Feb. 27 in Milwaukee

The Outcome of Collaboration

Vegan chef Buddah Fly and artist Letasha Smith are coming together to bring an art and vegan experience to the Milwaukee community, which they are calling “Forbidden Fruit”. The event’s purpose is to invoke conversation about the positive and negative indulgences people face throughout life.

Forbidden Fruit is happening today, February 27, 2022, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 1100 S 5th St. in Milwaukee. The exhibition will feature vegan food, painting, fashion, live music, and poetry.

Buddah Fly first reached out to Smith to do a body painting for a vegan trap brunch. The two connected so well that Smith wanted to continue working with one another.

Exhibit Inspired by Hip-Hop

Forbidden Fruit is inspired by an art piece Smith created seven to eight years ago. In part, Smith was inspired by the release of the song “Forbidden Fruit” by J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar. Within just two to three days Smith created a piece that explores sexuality, religion, and more. The piece depicts a woman from the back with an apple.

Through Smith’s art and this event, her goal is to hold a space for artists from Wisconsin to share different life experiences and perspectives revolving around the theme of forbidden fruit.

“It’s amazing to be able to meet so many creatives in the city,” said Smith.

Meet the Artist

Smith is the owner of Feisty Impressions where she provides original art, traveling sip-n-paints, merchandise, face paintings, and murals. She is also an art teacher who conducts art therapy with children and adults. Smith has been a part of many city community projects.

In 2018, Smith partnered with artist Ray Nitti to make creative pop-up installments in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhoods. They targeted vacant spaces, and areas with low activity, to add creative installments like a piano-themed walkway for children interested in music.

Smith has been making art for years and doesn’t plan on stopping.

“I’m very passionate about my work and I am always willing to learn,” she said.

Meet the Vegan Chef

Buddah Fly started her vegan journey almost two years ago when her body started rejecting meat. She said she was already in tune with her mind and soul because of her spirituality, but it was time to focus on her body. Buddah Fly said she has a clearer mind since giving up meat.

To better her community, she’s turned her vegan journey into a vegan business where she sells healthy food.

“People think they we are addicted to meat and we’re not,” said Buddah Fly. “We’re addicted to flavor.”

According to the vegan cook, she still uses most of the seasonings everyone else does because a lot of them are vegan like seasoning salt, garlic, and onion powder where she makes dishes like butter burgers, spicy chicken sandwiches, soul food, and corned beef.

To follow Buddah Fly’s journey, click here.

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