JLH Fund Recipient – Ghetto Mantras Creates Wellness Spaces for Black Women, and Next Stop is Milwaukee, July 15

Spaces for Black Women by Black Women

Originally from Detroit, Gevonchai Hundnall-Vogel came to Milwaukee for her husband. She spent four years teaching at Bradley Tech High School and then transitioned into nonprofit work. Throughout that time, she sometimes felt a sense of void. She was away from everyone and everything she knew, so she had to find ways to take care of herself. This led to her founding Ghetto Mantras in Milwaukee to provide self-care and wellness spaces for Black women.

Over time, she’s created a new life in Milwaukee while still having her loved ones back in her hometown.

“It’s okay to call a new place home,” said Hudnall-Vogel.

Ghetto Mantras wellness experience in Detroit.
Ghetto Mantras wellness experience in Detroit. (Picture by Aysha B.)

Ghetto Mantras creates wellness boxes to deliver self-care experiences right to Black women’s front doors. Their latest box featured pajamas, jewelry, candles, soap, and socks, along with a Ghetto Mantras affirmation book. Hundnall-Vogel partners with writers for the creation of the affirmations. The fourth book releases this year.

“I curate tailored self-care experiences for Black women,” said Hundnall-Vogel.

Ghetto Mantra’s Next Event is in Milwaukee

The organization’s latest endeavor is its “Good Time With The Girls: Wellness Experience!”, which is a morning of healing, community building, and self-care that’s meant to leave women feeling empowered and inspired. The first event was held in Detroit, and the next one is in Milwaukee on July 15, 2023, at Bay View Park.

Milwaukeeans should expect a meditation session, a movement workshop by Kaybae Fit, and group journaling by Ghetto Mantras. Those who attend will be able to start their mornings off doing yoga right by Lake Michigan.

One of Hundall-Vogel’s goals through Ghetto Mantra is to “activate people and give them reasons to create a life they don’t have to retreat from.”

Lunch will be provided by Delicious Bites. Ghetto Mantras will also be accepting donations of gently used clothes to donate to the Milwaukee Women’s Center.

Gevonchai Hudnall-Vogel the creator of Ghetto Mantras.
Gevonchai Hudnall-Vogel the creator of Ghetto Mantras. (Picture by Aysha B.)

Hundnall-Vogel is big on collaboration and says she wouldn’t be able to do Good Time With The Girls without the help of others.

“We all know that we do better in community,” she said. “Community makes everybody stronger.”

Ghetto is Authentic

Growing up, Hundall-Vogel was constantly called ghetto, so she didn’t always like the word. She eventually reframed the word to mean authentic and transparent.

Hundall-Vogel has always been herself and it just took some self-love to understand that being her is just fine.

“I want them to understand this voice is authentic.”

– Gevonchai Hundall-Vogel

JLH Fund 2023 Grantee

Ghetto Mantras was recently selected as a Jrue and Lauren Holiday Fund 2023 recipient. She will receive a $17,500 grant with the chance of doubling it through crowdfunding.

Hundall-Vogel was encouraged to apply last year but didn’t. This time around she took a chance on herself and was pleasantly surprised.

The funds will be used to expand programming and reach.

“There are some things out there for you that you just have to get,” she said.

Learn More

To learn more about Ghetto Mantras, click here.

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