Glaciers Italian Ice Atlanta Employs Young Black Men, Mentors, and Teaches Soft Skills

A New Jersey Native Impacts ATL Youth

Ian Elmore-Moore took his North New Jersey roots and mixed them with his knowledge from Moorehouse College to create the nonprofit Glaciers Italian Ice. At first glance, it may seem like a place just for frozen treats but the nonprofit is a hub for young Black men to grow and learn.

Glaciers is in the middle of a food desert located at 2185 M.L.K. Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, so along with providing a refreshing food source, Black males as young as 14 years old are hired to come work in the shop. The goal is to get the kids off the streets while helping them attain legal money.

According to Elmore-Moore, fast food restaurants and major brands aren’t looking to hire young Black men, which is why he unapologetically employs them.

Giving Black Youth Opportunities

“There’s a lot of trauma with Black men. A lot of times they don’t have mentors, father figures…and they don’t have a lot of opportunity, so teaching them soft skills, teaching them entrepreneurship, business and just being there for them. Helping them with their homework and just lending an ear, hearing their concerns. That’s important to me and I hope that this business can expand,” said Elmore-Moore.

Along with receiving a job, the young men employed must keep their grades up. The job is a treat for the boys, but it’s the respect and love that keeps them coming back.

“Give, always give first, so that way you automatically kind of get their respect,” he said.

According to the Atlanta Voice, the boys employed at Glaciers are called Mountaineers. And for the boys who aren’t quite old enough to work at the shop, but use the space as a safe haven, are called Glaciers.

More than a Business Owner

As a teacher, father, husband, and mentor he understands how important it is to have supportive people who look like you. Elmore-Moore is a justice-impacted individual that uses his past actions to connect with today’s youth.

“It takes sacrifice, it takes patience, it takes humility, it takes honesty, it takes hard work. All of the above,” he said.

Glaciers opened in July 2021 and Elmore-Moore has plans to open a grocery store and bring more books into the shop. Along with the lack of access to healthy foods, he noticed that there is no library within walking distance from the shop. As he continues to grow his impact, he’s partnering with local nonprofits to donate food to the community.

“There’s young Black men who care about young Black men,” Elmore-Moore said.

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