Heal The Hood Block Party Returns May 25 to Promote Love, Healing, and Culture on Milwaukee’s Northside 

The Beginning of A Movement

Heal The Hood (HTH) is more than just a block party. For the organization’s leader Ajamou Butler, it’s a movement to improve his community for those living in the neighborhood. HTH is dedicated to creating unique community collaborations for a more peaceful and progressive Milwaukee. 

The HTH Block Party began in 2012 with lecturers from the community who spoke on social justice issues, a few vendors, and 50 people in attendance. The community quickly accepted the celebration as a show of love, healing, and culture.

“It’s mind-boggling because our mission never started like this, it was a real rinky-dink block party,” said Butler. “We planted a mustard seed on that day and God and the community had a different plan.”

The HTH team is composed of seven community members and relies heavily on the community to help support the advertisement and success of the annual block party.

“It’s a small team but we get it done,” said Butler.

Community Celebration

May 25, 2024, marks the 12th HTH Block Party and the community is gearing up to celebrate and drive positive growth in Milwaukee.

This year will feature free nutritious food, community resources, food vendors, African drumming and dance, arts and crafts, and community organization booths. Over 40 vendors will be working at the 2024 block party.

Ajamou Butler and Community members enjoying the 2023 Heal The Hood Block Party. (Picture by Mode Media Photography)
Ajamou Butler and Community members enjoying the 2023 Heal The Hood Block Party. (Picture by Mode Media Photography)

The fair welcomes all community members from across the city to come and join the growing HTH movement.

Butler takes pride in creating a safe space for all people to come together, and celebrate their differences and similarities.

“We represent another level of diversity,” said Butler. “ You’ll see a whole other level of Blackness. It’s a melting pot of cultures.”

This year’s block party is sponsored by the Milwaukee Department of Health and Human Services, Sun-Seeker MKE, Delectables by Donna, Infinite Church, Neu-life Community Development, and Alderwoman Milele Coggs.

To learn more about Heal the Hood click here.

Maria Peralta-Arellano is a Milwaukee-native journalist who focuses on sharing news from her local communities. She dedicates her work to accessibility and producing bilingual coverage focused on arts, culture, and politics. She looks to explore her community through a journalistic and creative lens.

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