Artist J.P. of the Viral Hit “Bad Bitty” Brings the Milwaukee Sound To New Heights of Recognition

Living Like J.P.

Josiah Gillie, better known artistically as J.P., is currently a full-time student at the University of Wisconsin-Steven’s Point studying musical performance and basketball player for the university team. When he’s not in the classroom or on the court, the 20-year-old is putting his studies to use with his rap career which has been rapidly gaining attention across social media and in his hometown of Milwaukee.

J.P.’s rise to fame and popularity began when his song “Juicy Ahh” was released and went viral on social media platforms in 2022. Since then, the artist has been performing all over the state and country to spread his name and Milwaukee’s style.

Artist J.P. performing at the inaugural One World Music Festival in Milwaukee. (Picture by Tryee Pope III/Carvd N Stone )
Artist J.P. performing at the inaugural One World Music Festival in Milwaukee. (Picture by Tryee Pope III/Carvd N Stone )

J.P. recently went viral again with his song “ Bad Bitty” recognizable by its upbeat sound, catchy lyrics, and a trademark Milwaukee dance style.

“I’m going everywhere. I’m going places and stamping my name in these people’s cities and I’m going around making everyone know I’m here,” said J.P. “That’s half the battle. You can be in the middle of a pond but if you don’t make ripples, if you don’t make noise no one’s going to know you’re there.”

Representing Milwaukee

Recently the artist performed at the One World Music Festival 2024 at The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee with several other local artists to honor the history and evolution of Milwaukee’s music scene.

Residents and creative communities have been working to reinvent the perception of the city and the music festival was one part of that initiative.

“Everybody hear about all the bad things that’s going on in Milwaukee, but it’s good things going on,” said J.P. “It’s entrepreneurs in Milwaukee, it’s hustlers in Milwaukee, it’s talent in Milwaukee, so I’m glad I can be one of the faces to showcase that there is actually positive coming out of Milwaukee.” 

As he continues to study and live his seemingly normal college life, J.P. is determined to continue making music that represents Milwaukee saying that his only plan is “Plan A”.

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