Juice Talk TV is One of Milwaukee’s Newest Oulets Highlighting Artists and Talents

Just 7 Months of Growth

Juice Talk TV has over 10,000 followers on Instagram and close to 1 million views on YouTube, and has only been around on social media for seven months. Started by Ocatvius Simmons, the platform is quickly growing its audience through quality and authentic content.

Octavius Simmons (R) of Juice Talk TV.
Milwaukee artist K’moni (L) and Octavius Simmons (R) of Juice Talk TV. (Picture by Juice Talk TV)

Simmons himself used to be a Milwaukee artist, which is how he knew the scene needed a shake-up. He felt the city lacked a platform that promoted artists and talent in a good spotlight, so he decided to bring out his camera.

Simmons’ wife Davidah helps with the project management of all shoots, along with finding new artists and content.

Through Juice Talk TV, the platform interviews different talents around the city, along with providing them spaces to showcase their music, especially those who have been overshadowed.

In just a few months Juice Talk TV has been featured in Rolling Stone. Simmons said his brand is growing right along with Milwaukee’s music scene.

“It’s making a good impact so far,” Simmons said.

Everyone’s Welcomed on the Platform

Juice Talk TV is known for its “Gold Mic” videos where artists are recorded around the city rapping or singing their hottest songs. The platform also hosts sit-down interviews where artists dive deeper into their music, lives, and controversial topics.

Octavius and Davidah Simmons.
Octavius and Davidah Simmons. (Picture by Juice Talk TV)

“Our music scene is poppin,” said Davidah. “We definitely have our own little sound.”

As the channel continues to grow, Simmons wants people to know that his platform is open to everyone not just artists. They are looking to highlight entrepreneurs and more women artists, who tend to get overlooked.

They are interested in having Rock, Country, and all genres bless their platform. Simmons said he’s already had people from around the country fly into town just to be on his platform.

“With this platform, everybody is welcomed.”

– Octavius Simmons.

More than a YouTube Channel

Juice Talk TV is a brand. One of its main sources of income is its merchandise. They recently just dropped a new collection on Instagram.

Simmons sees his brand taking over the world and he wants to thank Milwaukee for being the first one to support him.

“They see the power of the movement,” he said.

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