KICKit World Festival Partners with Jaden Smith to Provide Kids Free Water and Food During Festival in Inglewood on April 6

A Festival for the Community

KICKitWorld was created a year ago to bring a family-friendly festival to the Inglewood community that is affordable. The inaugural one-day street sports festival will be held on April 6, 2024. The festival will merge skateboarding, basketball, roller skating, and vibeball (a mix of pickleball and musical chairs) with an outdoor celebration. The goal is to create community engagement by focusing on local brand activations, interactive workshops, and live entertainment.

KICKitWorld Founder Thorsten Meier wanted to provide a unique opportunity for families.

“Why don’t we do something for the community that usually can’t go to those [more expensive] festivals,” said Meier.

He was inspired to give back in this way because of the youth’s obsession with technology, specifically when he saw his daughter’s friends attached to their phones not communicating with one another. Meier wanted to give people a reason to put their phones down and enjoy their friends, family, and those around them. In a way, he wants to bring back “old school” fun.

Jaden Smith Providing Free Meals and Water

When looking for festival partners, Meier wanted to make sure he worked with organizations that understood the importance of the festival, which is community. Through his hunt, he discovered a lot of corporations just wanted to see a financial return. Artist and actor Jaden Smith was the complete opposite. Meier reached out to Smith’s team who was immediately on board. He said they loved the fact the festival wasn’t focused on corporate greed, but instead on giving the community a fun time to engage with each other.

Humanitarian and “eco-warrior” Smith is providing free food and water to the youth through his business ventures “JUST Water” and “I Love You” food truck.

Jaden Smith of "Just Water" and "I Love You".
Jaden Smith of “Just Water” and “I Love You”. (Picture provided by KICKit World)

This partnership is all about promoting healthier living options.

“We wanted to associate ourselves with the right people,” said Meier. “Jaden is all about the good…we want to look at the good stuff and see how we can do better.”

Masterclasses for the Youth

Along with the sports activations and two and half hours of musical performances from artists such as Rich The KidLaRussellSocial House, rising R&B artist Nakkia Gold, and surprise guests, free masterclasses will be offered to the youth. The free RISE-ABOVE Masterclasses will be taught by industry experts and influential figures, including WNBA player Essence Carson, radio personality DJ Hed, and streetwear designer Desto Dubb.

The masterclasses include basketball, skateboarding, boxing, singing and songwriting, and producing. 42 sessions will be held throughout the festival.

Thorsten Meier Founder of KICKit World.
Thorsten Meier Founder of KICKit World. (Picture by KICKit World)

Smith will also be hosting an exclusive masterclass that will discuss the urgent matters of the earth and its environmental status.

Quarterly Festivals

Meier plans to have quarterly KICKitWorld festivals around the country, specifically in places that don’t typically host these types of events. The one-day event will soon be making its way to Detroit and Baltimore.

To follow the KICKit journey, click here.

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