Larry June Gets Candid About Maintaining a Humble Spirit and the Keys to His Show Preparation at 2024 Gazebo Festival in Kentucky

Rocking the Stage 

During day one of the 2024 Gazebo Festival in Louisville, Kentucky’s Waterfront Park, artist Larry June hit the Garden Stage to rock the crowd.

The San Francisco native has been creating music since he was 15 years old and has since released a plethora of underground mixtapes and albums like “Orange Print,” “Spaceships on the Blade” and “The Great Escape.” As a natural-born go-getter, Larry June has managed to ride his wave and create bangers in true Bay Area fashion. 

While speaking with Carvd N Stone he got candid about everything from fatherhood to the creation of his music. 

Remaining Humble 

As a person who has amassed success throughout his career with achievements like starting his own label The Free Minded, and clothing line Midnight Organic Brand, the rapper spoke about his ability to remain humble throughout it all.

“I just understand that we [are] all human, we got our highs, and we got our lows and shit. You know, it’s nothing I can really change about that. I’m just me; I don’t really feel no different,” said Larry June.

Preparing for Shows 

As an artist who has performed over 100 shows, his stage presence keeps the crowd engaged and bumping to his songs. He completed his “Larry’s Market Run” domestic and world tours in 2023, performing for crowds in the United States as well as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. He has also opened for artists like Curren$y and Post Malone. 

“I give the same effort for ten people to ten thousand people. I go off the crowd and I vibe with ‘em, and if people don’t know too much of it, I try to introduce new things to them and just try to give ’em a good show overall.”

– Larry June

Maintaining an Old-School Vibe

Bay Area swag shines through Larry June’s persona, with his witty catchphrases “Sock it to me” and “Good Job Larry.” His sound and dance moves are reminiscent of Bay Area trailblazing artists like Andre Nikatina and Mac Dre in their prime. 

Larry June at the 2024 Gazebo Festival.
Larry June at the 2024 Gazebo Festival. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

He stays true to where he’s from and manages to give fans a taste of an OG rap style over West Coast beats.

“The vibes [are] just something I grew up on; just watching my OGs and my dad, I was inspired by it. It comes out of my music, my style, the way I dress, to the lingo I use. It’s just a part of me,” he said.

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