Milky Way Tech Hub Shares Expansion Plans For New Headquarters in Milwaukee

The Next Step Of Advancement 

The Milky Way Tech Hub is an organization focused on turning the city of Milwaukee into a tech hub of the nation for Black and Brown techies. The goal is to spur economic advancement, and inclusion and develop sustainable solutions around the racial wealth and achievement gaps in the city. Nadiyah Johnson, the founder of the Milky Way Tech Hub which is an extension of Jet Constellations, continues the advancement of the organization with the very first hard hat demo for the redevelopment of the Jet Constellations office to expand the creative capabilities of the creators and founders they support. 

The new development project is located at 308-305 W. Fond du Lac Ave. in Milwaukee. It is hoped to be a hotbed for creativity, innovation, and collaboration for founders who are looking for the space to continue their work without having to worry about where they will do it.

The Vision

The redevelopment is planned to have several features to create a warm, comfortable, and welcoming work area in the neighborhood. The project plans to include a co-working space complete with computers, desks, and meeting rooms, a tech hub, and a multi-purpose event space equipped with audio-visual systems, lighting equipment, staging, and seating. 

Nadiyah Johnson, Founder of the Milky Way Tech Hub, Showing the progress of the redevelopment project.
Nadiyah Johnson, Founder of the Milky Way Tech Hub, Showing the progress of the redevelopment project.(Picture by Maria Peralta-Arellano/Carvd N Stone)

“I’m going to say the words of the day are progress and vision because what we want to do with this event is show you all the significant progress on this project. I want you all to see the vision and the tremendous impact that we’re looking to make, not only in the Sherman Park area, not just in the city of Milwaukee, not only statewide but beyond.”  

– Nadiyah Johnson

The new construction will also include residential areas for Milky Way Tech Hub’s newly introduced Digital Nomad program. The program was designed to help provide entrepreneurial support, networking opportunities, and living spaces for Founders. There are two designated housing areas, each with units that can hold up to three founders per the city of Milwaukee’s occupancy laws.

The entire building totals around 5,000 square feet and can hold up to 110 people at a single time. 

The Goal is Impact

The development of the project is headed by Ariam Kesete, the Founder of AK development, who strongly believes in the vision that Johnson had when the project was in its beginning stages. 

“The idea is when you leave today you not only have a positive understanding of what’s about to happen here but the amount of people that are going to come out of here are making a true impact. You don’t need a Taj Mahal to make a difference, today we’re here on 38th and Fond du Lac and this is about to make some impact.”

-Ariam Kesete

An official completion date has yet to be announced. 

Maria Peralta-Arellano is a Milwaukee-native journalist who focuses on sharing news from her local communities. She dedicates her work to accessibility and producing bilingual coverage focused on arts, culture, and politics. She looks to explore her community through a journalistic and creative lens.

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