Milwaukee Carmen High School Senior “Mico” Commits to D1 HBCU Grambling

Full-Ride Scholarship

Dupree Fletcher Jr., known as “Mico,” has received a full-ride scholarship to HBCU Grambling State University for his basketball skills and smarts. November 8, 2023, was the first day when student-athletes could officially sign their letter to commit to an NCAA D1 institution. Fletcher Jr. has officially committed to playing Division I basketball at Grambling State University in the Fall of 2024.

He picked Grambling because he loves the culture and staff.

“It means a lot to me. D1, D2, doesn’t matter…it’s really going to school for free,” said Fletcher Jr.

Fletcher Jr. currently attends Carmen High School of Science and Technology, Northwest campus in Milwaukee where he was honored on November 10, 2023, during an all-campus assembly. Fletcher Jr.’s athletic and academic journey was highlighted and the event featured the school drumline, a performance from the cheer squad, remarks from Carmen Athletic Directors, and an address from the public charter school’s CEO, Jennifer Lopez.

Dupree Fletcher Jr.
Dupree “Mico” Fletcher Jr. (Picture provided by Dupree Fletcher Jr.)

According to a press release, to date, 54% of seniors at Carmen Northwest have been accepted to college with a goal of reaching 100% acceptance by the end of 2023.

“Mico’s presence has been a gift to our campus and to our basketball team. He has continued to excite crowds, excel academically, and represent Carmen Northwest to his fullest potential,” said Principal Ashlei Miller in a press release.

Fletcher Jr. isn’t 100% sure what he will major in but he’s interested in business and is excited to explore different career options.

“My pops always told me to do your work first and basketball later,” said Fletcher Jr.

Ball is Life, Duh

Mico as most people call him said that it’s not about how much you work but how hard you work. He trains every day, and at the time of the interview, he just finished training at the gym. He tends to push his boundaries to better his skills.

“Basketball is really life,” said Fletcher Jr. “It keeps me calm.”

As a point guard, Fletcher Jr. understands he has a small build so he’s found ways to accommodate. He’s constantly working on his athleticism, making himself stronger, and ensuring he can shoot from a distance because it can be harder for him to get closer to the rim.

“I’m a fun person to be around but when it’s time to lock in I’m tough,” he said.

Community Driven

Fletcher Jr. has dreams of being in the NBA but his main priorities are being able to help his family, his culture, and his high school. He said it makes him feel good to know that he has helped someone like his teammates.

“If I see you slackin’ ima bring you up,” he said.

As a Milwaukee native, he understands the dangers that lie in the streets and thanks basketball for providing a safe haven for him.

“If I’m in the gym I can’t get hurt,” said Fletcher Jr.

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