Jeremy Reyes Brings Milwaukee Hittaz Drumline Style to the 12th Annual Heal The Hood Block Party in Milwaukee

Always The Right Age

Jeremy Reyes is the founder of Milwaukee Hittaz, a drumline group that brings an unignorable rhythm to any event they perform at. They brought the lively drumline sound to the 2024 Heal the Hood Block Party in Milwaukee to celebrate the community with music.

The group began in 2017 and is composed of members of varying ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Milwaukee Hittaz has produced drummers who have gone to perform with the Milwaukee Bucks.

“Younger kids who are kind of just getting into drumming they [are] around some people who played in college, played on a professional level. And then some people that grew up in a different time period, it keeps them fresh, refining their skills and making them better,” said Reyes. “It’s just nice to bring so many ages…together and create a beautiful drumline.”

Music Carries Emotion

For many people, music can be therapy. It can help people through hard times in their lives and for people like Reyes, it can lead them down a greater path of unifying communities. Growing up in Milwaukee, Reyes credits his former band directors for keeping him out of trouble and encouraging him to put his feelings into his drumming, setting off his musical journey.

“[It was] band directors along the way that kind of showed me a different avenue of how to bring joy to myself as well as the people around me and use my talents in a positive way.”

– Jeremy Reyes

Reyes’ time at Bethume-Cookman University, an HBCU, gave him exposure to the rich band culture of the South which inspired him to bring the drumline life back to Milwaukee.

Community Commitment

Milwaukee Hittaz is comprised completely of community members and remains dedicated to drumming at community events. For them, it’s not just the music that makes them great, it’s the pride they have in their community that makes them sound so good.

Milwaukee Hittaz Founder Jeremy Reyes with Carvd N Stone reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano. (Picture By Fred Young/Carvd N Stone)
Milwaukee Hittaz Founder Jeremy Reyes with Carvd N Stone reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano. (Picture By Fred Young/Carvd N Stone)

“We’re a community line for one, so just being a part of the community being here in a heartbeat [at] different events, seeing all these beautiful people, it brings so much joy,” said Reyes. “There’s not a lot of band programs here in Milwaukee so a lot of kids, a lot of people, don’t get exposed to it so just them being able to see a drumline, us grooving, having some hard difficult parts, you know doing stick tricks, it kind of just brings a big joy to the people in the city and just having that connection we love it.”

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