Milwaukee Native Angelica M. George will Premiere New Film About DJs in Atlanta on Sept. 25

Years of Patience and Dedication

Going from idea to reality is never an easy accomplishment but it is possible. Milwaukee Native Angelica M. George knows this all too well. George started working on her documentary “Up Next On The 1s And 2s” around 2017 when she was attending Clark Atlanta University. It’s 2022 and the documentary will be making its debut screening premiere in Atlanta on September 25, 2022.

“You absolutely cannot give up…we started this project in like 2016, 2017. We started, we stopped, we started again and it’s just now getting released. You’re gonna hear nos but if it’s something you want to do, keep working at it. And even if it’s not right then the moment might come where it’s going to work out.”

– Angelica M. George

Up Next On The 1s And 2 explores the journey of three DJS: DJ ProblemChild, Wizard Craig, and Nadiiij. George wanted to highlight DJs and show what it means, and what it takes to be one.

Over the years it took to complete the documentary, George was able to learn more and hone in our her skills. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media Arts from Clark Atlanta and a Master’s of Art in Film from Savannah College of Art Design in Atlanta, GA.

Angelica M. George.
Angelica M. George. (Picture provided by Angelica M. George)

The Craft of DJing

George said the industry is saturated with DJs from all over the world, so she wanted to make sure people don’t forget that it’s a craft behind it.

“In life, I believe that deejaying can be overlooked and labeled as a lost art form in this new generation of music especially in the hip-hop world,” George wrote in her director’s statement. “ The film will analyze the dedication and professionalism that goes into being a DJ. It will also analyze each DJ’s individual path to get to their goal.”

The 12-minute documentary touches on many components of DJing, including how DJs access their music, how some party goes are considered “hecklers” to DJs, and how important it is to be versatile in music genres.

George wants to continue to use her talents to create documentaries that are entertaining and educational.

“Never give up. You’re not the only person trying to figure it out. You’re not the only person who has to pivot,” she said. “Stay positive, and stay on your feet, and it’s going to be something.”

Up Next On The 1s And 2s will premiere for free on Sunday, September 25, 2022, from 3-6 p.m. EST at beSOCIAL, 969 Marietta Street NorthWest #STE 100 Atlanta, GA 30318.

Learn More

Check out more of George’s work here.

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