Milwaukee Native Turns Journaling Into Digital Platform with Husband

Showcasing Black Love

Full Circle Television (FCTV) is a digital platform that hosts different series revolving around Black love, relationships, and community. FCTV came about when Milwaukee native Kayla Lewis-Allen was preparing to be a wife to her now husband Marcus.

She used journaling as a source to deal with and heal her past traumas, along with realizing what she did and did not want in a marriage. As she started asking herself questions and getting to know herself on a deeper level, she began to open up to Marcus.

Kayla (L) and Marcus Lewis-Allen (R).
Kayla (L) and Marcus Lewis-Allen (R). (Picture by Amanda Evans Photography)

“It’s really about peeling back those layers so you can know yourself and get to know your partner,” Lewis-Allen said.

Those open conversations made the two realize that they could create a series focused on relationships – romantic, platonic, and everything in between – to help people deal with their issues, along with highlighting the positive things within relationships.

As a result, FCTV was created to host its first series, “Relationship Goals.” The series is in its third season and will touch on the relationships of co-parents.

Lewis-Allen said she learned early to create contracts to ensure FCTV owns 100% of their content.

FCTV has grown into live events where they host game nights. Lewis-Allen said her age group (30s and up), which is also her target audience, is looking for different avenues of fun – ones that don’t always involve the club. FCTV Game Nights are centered around Black culture and joy with lots of fun throughout the night.

“We’ve tried to make it feel like you’re at home,” she said.

#CulturalTags, Uno, and Spades are just a few of the games played during the night.

Couples Retreats to FCTV Game Nights to Paris

Before the start of FCTV Game Nights, Lewis-Allen and her husband hosted a couple’s retreat at Wisconsin Dells. She was then contacted by individuals to host a retreat for singles, but she felt a game night would be more appropriate for the brand.

According to Lewis-Allen, each game night has brought out around 70 people.

In February 2022, FCTV’s second anniversary, Lewis-Allen and her husband are bringing people together to head to Paris.

“It ain’t shit that you can’t do,” Lewis-Allen said. “We have 20 people coming to Paris to experience culture [and] to explore.”

FCTV sells merchandise ranging from social justice t-shirts to interactive journals. Lewis-Allen plans on adding a new series to FCTV and hosting more events.

The digital platform also offers creative consulting to help entrepreneurs expand their business through their book, “Build A Community & Boost Your Sell”.

“When I look back at all of the stuff we’ve done, it blows my mind. See beyond all the barriers that may be in front of you and push forward.”

– Kayla Lewis-Allen

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Learn more about FCTV by clicking here.

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