Milwaukee’s 3rd Street Market Hall Opens TODAY, Jan. 14 in the Old Grand Avenue Mall

Finally Open

3rd Street Market Hall in Milwaukee was supposed to open in 2020 when the city was expecting to host the Democratic National Convention, but neither happened. Fast forward two years later, and the food hall is opening today, January 14, 2022, at 11 a.m. CST inside the old Grand Avenue Mall on the first floor, located at 275 W Wisconsin Ave Suite 100 in Milwaukee’s Downtown.

The food hall is in its first phase with a few food tenants with plans to grow as the year goes on.

3rd Street Market Hall is open in Milwaukee.
3rd Street Market Hall is open in Milwaukee. (Picture by Justin Gordon Photography/Carvd N Stone)

Sushi, pizza, burgers, baked goods, and many other food items will be sold by mainly local entrepreneurs. There’s even a 360-degree, 50-seat bar that will offer cocktails, beer, and wine.

The market hall was meant to be more than just food, which is why they built the space around entertainment, including shuffleboard and snookball: a form of pool played with your feet; a video game area that will also be a space to watch sports; a Topgolf Swing Suite, along with a selfie museum.


Dairyland, a burger and custard establishment, is one of the first tenants up and running at the food hall. Co-owners Brent Fogle and Joe McCormick admitted to being nervous about the opening but that all went away with their first customer during the hall’s soft opening the day before the official opening.

For the two, this isn’t just about the food but creating a safe and fun space for Milwaukee and those who visit the city.

“This is a small representation of the community. If you only have one day, one hour in Wisconsin and you want the whole experience, come to the market hall.”

– Brent Fogle
Dairyland and Mid-Way Bakery Co-Owners Kurt Fogle, Katie Fogle, Brent Fogle and Joe McCormick (L-R).
Dairyland and Mid-Way Bakery Co-Owners Kurt Fogle, Katie Fogle, Brent Fogle and Joe McCormick (L-R). (Picture by Justin Gordon Photography/Carvd N Stone)

McCormick wants the market hall to be a meeting place for fun, whether that’s for families, friends, or romantically; there’s something for everyone. He also stated that even though tenants want the city’s support, you can enjoy the space without making a purchase.

As Wisconsin natives, Fogle, McCormick, and other co-owners Katie and Kurt Fogle, Dairyland is a restaurant dedicated to honoring and preserving Wisconsin’s hamburger and custard culture.

“We’re trying to keep that tradition,” said McCormick. “We want to instill those memories and traditions into families and the community.”

Along with serving Wisconsin favorites, the co-owners own Mid-Way Bakery, which is also a tenant of the food hall. A big part of their mission is to give opportunities to other foodies, so they’ve opened up their kitchen to other tenants like Strega.


Led by Milwaukee chefs Katie Gabert and Sam Sandrin, Strega offers fresh pasta and sweets. According to the owners, their business was one of the first to sign onto the food hall project.

Strega will have a changing list of pasta that will be vegetarian or vegan, with the option to add meat. 

“We want to be great owners,” said Gabert. “We literally just want to feed people and make money doing it.”

Strega owners Katie Gabert (L) and Sam Sandrin (R).
Strega owners Katie Gabert (L) and Sam Sandrin (R). (Picture by Justin Gordon Photography/Carvd N Stone)

Both women have a long history in the food industry and through their business, they want to get rid of the toxicity that exists within.

“We’re working really hard to create a safe, positive, quality space to change the kitchen culture.”

– Sam Sandrin

Middle East Side, which serves Middle Eastern-style sandwiches; Strange Town Bottle Shop which offers natural wine; Kawa Ramen and Sushi; and Paper Plane Pizza are a few of the tenants coming to the food hall within the next few weeks.

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