Minnesota’s First Women’s Sports Bar “A Bar of Their Own” is Getting Lots of Love Just Months into Business

Inspired by The Sports Bra

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to try it first before others take the chance. Jenny Nguyen took that chance and in 2022 she became the owner of The Sports Bra, the first-of-its-kind sports bar that only features women’s sports.

Nguyen invested her own money and started a Kickstarter campaign to bring The Sports Bra to life. The Oregon bar brought in over $1 million in its first year.

The Sports Bras plays all sports including basketball, tennis, and soccer as long as it’s women playing.

Inside A Bar of Their Own.
Inside A Bar of Their Own. (Picture by A Bar of Their Own)

To further the point of the bar’s mission to support women, The Sports Bra taps come from local women-led breweries and cideries. Even the outdoor furniture was constructed by women. Although the bar is made with women in mind, everyone is welcome to enjoy in the festivities.

Fast forward two years and Jillian Hiscock was inspired to open a women’s sports bar in Minnesota. Hiscock opened the doors to Minnesota’s first women’s sports bar, A Bar of Their Own on March 1, 2024.

With no prior business or bar experience, Hiscock reached out to Nguyen for advice in May of 2023 and by July she had an LLC.

“This whole thing for me was rooted in community,” said Hiscock.

Both bars are LGBTQ+ friendly.

A Successful Year so Far

It was on September 15, 2023 that Hiscock announced on social media that she was hiring for her bar and she had to take applications down because over 200 people had applied within 36 hours. For Hiscock, the community’s support has been there since day one.

Along with shining a light on women’s sports, Hiscock wants society to start focusing on all of the things women are leading.

“It’s much larger than women’s sports,” said Hiscock. “It’s about women’s equity.”

In male-dominated spaces like sports and bars, Hiscock said she’s lucky to have a community in her circle to help her in this journey.

“It makes sense to do this…and it wasn’t hard, I just had to be intentional,” Hiscock said.

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