NAACP Recognized Milwaukee Native Who Graduated from NextGen at 110th Annual Convention

NAACP Honors Alex Edwards

Almost two months ago on July 23, 2019, Milwaukee native and community leader Alex Edwards, along with 67 others, were recognized at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)’s 110th Annual Convention for graduating from the 2018 NAACP Next Generation (NextGen) Young Professional Leadership Program.

According to its site, NextGen is a 12-month leadership development training program for individuals who are 21 to 35 years of age. During the program, the trainees develop civil rights competencies and leadership skills, so that they can be active and effective social justice advocates. The NextGen program has a series of webinars and classroom training, case studies, and group exercises. Edwards started the program in January 2018 and finished that same year in December.

Alex Edwards.
Alex Edwards. (Picture provided by Alex Edwards)

As the third vice president of the NAACP Wisconsin branch, Edwards sees himself being the next leader of the branch, which is currently being run by Fred Royal.

“I’m chosen. It aligns with everything I’ve been through [and] believe in.”

– Alex Edwards

Three Years of Involvement

Edwards has been involved with the NAACP for three years and he says through the organization he’s been able to understand the political system. NexGen has taught Edwards how to be a more effective leader. He’s learned (and is still learning) how to use tactics and how to be strategic.

“In order to lead, I must follow,” he said.

Founded on Feb. 12, 1909, NAACP has had its hands in so much, such as helping win the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas case, which integrated schools. According to its site, in 2000, NAACP launched a massive get-out-the-vote campaign, which resulted in 1 million more African Americans casting their ballots in the 2000 presidential election than in 1996.

Yet, when it comes to talks of change and impact, NAACP isn’t always the first organization mentioned, said Edwards. He wants to push the brand so it’s more noticeable.

“We don’t get a lot of recognition that we deserve,” said Edwards.

Background in Real Estate

Aside from being a part of the NAACP, Edwards works as a consultant for Asset Builders of America providing financial literacy to low-income families. He also founded Decent Housing, a real estate development non-profit. Edwards is a real estate owner and developer.

As a big believer in helping your own community, Edwards is using his platform to get more youth involved in politics, housing, and other positive things.

“I feel proud to represent my people,” Edwards said. “Get engaged. Get involved.”

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To set up an appointment with Edwards about housing, click here.

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