Online Workshop “Squad Goals” Teaches Wisconsin Creatives How to Build and Leverage Business Relationships

Kennita Hickman.
Kennita Hickman. (Picture by Chris Siegel)

Entrepreneurship and being creative have become the talk of society in the last few years, yet it’s still not clear how one goes from worker to owner while creating sustainability. According to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Wisconsin is ranked 49th in the U.S. when it comes to funding the arts.

Wisconsin Underfunds Creatives so Hickman Stepped In

During the pandemic, it became more prevalent how underfunded and unsupported the creative scene is in Wisconsin. With no live shows, plays or places to perform, creatives took a hit financially and mentally, so Chief Culture Curator for Catera Kennita Hickman created the online course called Squad Goals to help creatives get their power back.

For the past two decades, Hickman has supported independent artists through Catera, which specializes in content creation, influencer marketing, live-event production, and brand strategy. Hickman built her reputation and career on getting to know others while building genuine relationships. Through Squad Goals, she will teach Wisconsin creatives the importance of networking, how to connect with others, and using what you learn from others to elevate.

“I want them to believe that their dreams matter. I want people to feel empowered.”

– Kennita Hickman

Years of Connections

Hickman spent many years contacting people to set up meetings to pick their minds. She didn’t just focus on people in her industry because she said she understands the value of learning from everyone.

As she was building her network, she soon discovered that many people didn’t actually know what she did. In her workshop, Hickman will teach creatives how to properly market themselves and how to articulate their needs, so they can receive the help they need.

Know Your Value and Be Prepared

One of the biggest things Hickman wants creatives to know is that they have value too. She said sometimes individuals see networking as a one-way street, where they’re the only ones receiving something. Hickman advises creatives to come prepared with what they can offer someone else when building business relationships.

“The idea of networking is to be of service,’“ said Hickman.

Sign Up

The Squad Goals workshops are currently on sale. To sign up for Squad Goals, click here.

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