Rich Homie Quan Details What The Future as an Independent Artist Looks Like for Him at the 2024 Gazebo Festival in Kentucky 

Playing the Hits

The sound of loud bass thumping and fans chanting “Some type of way, make you feel some type of way” filled the air on day one of Jack Harlow’s inaugural Gazebo Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Fans—including Jack Harlow—flocked to see Rich Homie Quan (RHQ) perform his hit singles on the Garden Stage at Waterfront Park. 

“Walk Thru,” “Milk Marie,” and “Lifestyle” are just a few hits that RHQ has managed to dish out during his career. After his breakout single “Type of Way” in 2013, he went on to become an Atlanta staple, producing culturally significant hits and landing him a spot on the 2014 XXL Freshman cover.

After his Gazebo performance, RHQ spoke with the Carvd N Stone team. 

Going Independent

RHQ was originally signed to Think It’s a Game Records, where he negotiated a deal worth $19,000. After a legal battle with the label, the rapper parted ways in late 2016 and later signed with Motown Records in 2017. Eventually, RHQ realized that being independent was the way for him, leading him to found Rich Homie Entertainment in 2022.

“I don’t even consider it like a rebranding. It’s more of a recentering myself, and when I say recentering, it’s just like falling back [and] observing myself, editing myself, revising myself, critiquing myself, [and] being my worst critic.” 

– Rich Homie Quan

Leaving a Legacy

Over a decade into the game—twelve years in to be exact—RHQ wants to “cement” a legacy for his children, who are getting older and are always watching. 

Rich Homie Quan at the 2024 Gazebo Festival in Kentucky.
Rich Homie Quan at the 2024 Gazebo Festival in Kentucky. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

“They be on the internet, so I care about what pops up beside my name when they look at it. With me being they father, I’m they biggest hero. So, I want the message to be inspiring; I want the message to be motivating; I want the message to be empowering,” said RHQ.

What to Expect 

RHQ says that he can’t predict the future, but he is going to continue with his real estate endeavors, make music, pursue his acting career, work on writing a book, and enjoy reading. He also teased some new music that is set to be released this summer. 

“If God allows me, I plan to drop a single with 2 Chainz before June 10. I got a project called ‘Forever Going In’ dropping July 4, just to heat the summer up,” RHQ said. To watch Carvd N Stone’s 2024 Gazebo Festival interviews, click here.

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