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Text Messages to Festivals

When you find a new song that you like, do you share it with someone else or do you keep it for yourself? Devin Jenkins’s love for music is so strong that he wanted to share it with others. Back in 2015 after graduating college, Jenkins spent a lot of time listening to albums and sharing specific songs with people that he thought they would like. At one point, Jenkins found himself sending around 15 suggestions a week to several people through text.

To expand on his passion for connecting people to good music, he started the Facebook page Share The Vibes in 2019.

Devin Jenkins.
Devin Jenkins. (Picture by Our Differences Define)

Share The Vibes has grown into a business that connects people to music and technology, with a focus on the Milwaukee music scene. The platform recently held its 2nd Annual Share The Vibes Festival in Milwaukee for local artists, techies, and entrepreneurs.

“There are some dope artists around Milwaukee,” said Jenkins.

This year’s event was held at The Miramar Theatre with the main theme focusing on podcasting. Mwanje Thompson, the co-host of Share The Vibes Podcast with Jenkins also helped co-host the festival.

“Even though he is not from Milwaukee, Devin has embraced the music, culture, and artists as his own,” said Thompson, who also owns Audio Moguls Media: an audio content and tech company.

Other festival topics included AI and the future of music. There were also live performances, DJs, vendors, and workshops.

Fitzgerald. Milwaukee. Beyond

Jenkins is from the rural town of Fitzgerald located in Georgia. His background in music started as a child singing in the choir at church. Eventually, he became a percussion captain in high school. He credits his mother Joyce Jenkin for his exposure to Soul/R&B from the 70s and Southern Gospel, which helped form his love for music at an early age.

He received his B.S. degree in Management Information Systems from the HBCU Miles College in Alabama. Jenkins said the HBCU culture grew his love for music even more, along with helping him to understand the business and technology aspects.

Upon graduation, he went to work at GE Healthcare which brought him to Milwaukee for seven years. He has since then moved out of state but will continue to host the festival in the city with plans to expand into other markets.

“We just want to be a vessel to help elevate voices.”

– Devin Jenkins

Share The Vibes Services

Outside of the annual festival and the ongoing podcast, Share The Vibes offers a list of services, including professional DJing, custom playlist curation, and music-based social and professional events.

To book Share The Vibes, click here.

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