Sip & Speak Social Hosting Masquerade Gala at Saint Kate’s in Milwaukee to Encourage Women to be Themselves

Take Your Mask Off

Sip & Speak Social – a Milwaukee brand focused on engaging women in healing and fun spaces – is hosting its first Masquerade Gala in Milwaukee at the Saint Kate’s Art Hotel tonight, November 5, 2023.

Inspired by a Kendrick Lamar concert, Sip & Speak Social owner Ashley Stokes took the theme of wearing a mask and taking it off to symbolize showing one’s true self. Like other Sip & Speak Social events, this gala is for and by women.

“The goal is for you to take all that shit off and be who you are,” said Stokes. “It’s deeper than how you look.”

A Sip & Speak Social Event.
A Sip & Speak Social Event. (Picture by Martin 2 Cool)

For Stokes, a gala equals “fancy” so she encourages every woman who attends to dress up and have a great time bonding with one another. As women are enjoying themselves at the gala, Stokes wants them to think of who they truly are outside of their typical titles like a mother or a businesswoman.

Aside from the fun, the gala is meant to be a space for healing. Despite whatever the women may be going through, Stokes hopes that they leave the event feeling freed of their worries, or at least have steps to get to where they want to be.

“[Healing] is a way to free yourself from yourself…healing is a wide range of things but it’s what you make it. If you explore the thing you are avoiding you could really elevate…in whatever it is you want to do.”

– Ashley Stokes

The Masquerade Gala is officially sold out.

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