Spinn MKE Celebrates One Year of Providing Alternative Exercises and Safe Spaces for the Black Community

Over 400 People Served

On this day a year ago, July 29, 2022, Dr. Shakkiah Curtis opened the doors to her business Spinn MKE, which also falls on her birthday. For Curtis, she wanted to give herself a birthday gift while gifting the Milwaukee community a new way of exercise.

Dr. Shakkiah Curtis.
Dr. Shakkiah Curtis of Spinn MKE. (Picture by Spinn MKE)

According to the site, Spinn MKE is a lifestyle fitness brand powered by culture, community, and passion for creating holistic awareness. It’s a space for the community, specifically Black and Brown individuals, to come in and cycle in a safe space.

Since its opening, Spinn MKE has serviced around 400 individuals including repeats through its doors, and around 700 if you include events.

“It’s affirming,” said Curtis. “It also lets me know that there’s still a need.”

Curtis added that her space can only provide so much and that there is a market for more spaces like hers in the city of Milwaukee.

“I’m just one piece of the puzzle,” she said.

Block Party Celebration

Curtis is all about community and what better way to bring people together than a party? Spinn MKE is hosting a block party today, July 29, 2023, from noon to 5 p.m. CST at its storefront located at 309 W Brown St. in Milwaukee.

To make the day inclusive for everyone, Curtis partnered with local entrepreneurs to provide activities outside of cycling because she understands the bike can be intimidating to some. Along with cycling classes, community members have the opportunity to participate in yoga, healing sound bowls, and hear from guest speakers including Milwaukee Alderwoman Milele Coggs.

There will also be vendors, food, and music. The event itself is free but classes are $15 per person.

Coming Back to Milwaukee with a Purpose

At 17 years old, Curtis left Milwaukee for college and during that time she was able to see Black and Brown individuals thriving and successful. When she came back to Milwaukee in 2019 she was on a mission to take what she learned and bring it back to the city.

“I came home ready to work,” she said.

She noticed in other cities the possibilities of what can happen when we collaborate.

Through Spinn MKE, Curtis has created a community and she hopes that others see the power of collaboration and how it can benefit the entire city.

“The possibilities are unlimited, so go after it all.”

– Dr. Shakkiah Curtis

Book A Session

If you’re looking for a new way to exercise and feel good about yourself, consider joining a Spinn MKE class. The sessions range from 35-55 minutes. Curtis said it’s room for everyone no matter if you’ve done a spin class before or not.

To book your session, click here.

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