Studio Hall Sessions Bring Milwaukee Photographers Together To Learn and Receive Mentorship From One Another

Growing Through Collaboration

Milwaukee native and wedding photographer Amanda Evans didn’t have the mentorship she needed when entering the industry as an entrepreneur. Evans quickly discovered that there was no one way to success and she had to figure out what would make her stand out as a photographer.

Over the years, Evans has grown in her career where she is servicing clients across the country with her main clientele being the Greater Milwaukee area. To help other local photographers excel in their careers, she created Studio Hall Sessions.

Studio Hall Sessions bring together photographers to network and learn from each other. The sessions were inspired by a full-day workshop Evans held in March 2023.

“I wanted to create the space I did not have,” said Evans.

A Studio Hall Session in Milwaukee.
A Studio Hall Session in Milwaukee. (Picture by Amanda Evans Photography)

The first two Studio Hall Sessions were held in January and March of this year. The goal is to host sessions every two months.

Although she curates the sessions, Evans wants it to be a collaborative effort where she is just a resource in the room.

“Don’t be afraid to connect with people or collaborate,” said Evans.

Studio Hall Sessions are meant to be laid back and in a “comes as you are” environment. In the sessions, Evans has seen photographers trade services like taking each other’s headshots.

“It’s connecting creatives in person,” she said.

Studio Hall Sessions has a small participation fee to pay for the cost of renting the space.

“Community over competition,” said Evans.

The Woman Behind Studio Hall Sessions

Evans bought her first camera in 2015 and while in Africa she was robbed leaving her to buy the same camera again. Two years later she started her business Amanda Evans Photography where she specializes in shooting weddings and headshots.

Amanda Evans. (Picture provided Amanda Evans)
Amanda Evans. (Picture provided by Amanda Evans)

“I just love being able to capture moments and being able to look back at them,” said Evans.

It was an elementary school when Evans began requesting cameras as gifts. Those gifts turned into a hobby that eventually was put on hold as she went to college, became married, and had kids. Evans loved her life but wanted a way to take her time back which meant taking photography more seriously.

Evans has spent the last several years perfecting her craft and becoming a well-known photographer in Milwaukee.

To find out more about Amanda Evans Photography click here.

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