The Annual Black Owned Fragrance Week is Here for Its Second Year

The 2023 Annual Black Owned Fragrance Week runs from February 1- February 8, 2023 to bring awareness to Black-owned fragrances around the country. Fragrance influencer Glenn Davis, aka @mrcologne76, started the annual week at the beginning of 2022 because he received feedback from owners that they weren’t being offered enough support.

Glenn Davis.
Glenn Davis. (Picture by Glenn Davis)

2,000+ Fragrance Options

Davis, who owns around 2,000 fragrance brands, discovered the disparities in the content featuring Black-owned fragrance businesses, along with the access to market to retailers. As an influencer, Davis knew he could do more with his platform.

“I felt something needed to be done to give some visibility to these brands,” said Davis. He added that awareness increases curiosity, which can lead to sales for the brands.

A few of Davis’ favorite Black-owned fragrance brands are Mystery Modern Mark, The Elemental Fragrances, The Taliaferro, Chris Collins, Xarmony Perfumes, Kirk Elliott, Maya Njie, Harlem Perfume Co, Get Right Fragrance, and Aisha Nikole.

After talking with some owners, he said some admitted that they either didn’t know how to connect with influencers or they didn’t feel good enough. Despite the lack of marketing funds, he encourages Black small-owned businesses to reach out to influencers.

“If we don’t collaborate as a community we will never win,” he said.

As the week continues to expand, Davis has plans to create an expo where Black-owned fragrance brands could sell and network with the masses. In Davis’ words, “an Essence Festival for fragrances.”

Ideally, Davis hopes media reports on Black-owned fragrance brands throughout the year, not just during the week.

Davis is originally from Trinidad and migrated to New York City when he turned 17 with his family. He remembers being gifted a bottle of “Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor” and only wanting fragrances as a gift from that point on.

3 Things Davis Loves about Fragrances

As a lover of smell, Davis said there are three things that he loves about fragrances.

  1. The nostalgia feeling. Davis likes how smells can spark memories.
  2. The uniqueness of it. Davis like smells he’s never smelled before.
  3. The different transitions. Davis said a good fragrance has different transitions with each transition providing a different smell or “note”. The top note is what you first smell and usually lasts 15-20 minutes. Then comes the heart of the fragrance. This is the smell that comes after the first few sprays. It lasts from 30 minutes to four hours. Lastly, you have the base fragrance. This is the smell that is left in your clothes. This smell can last up to six to 12 hours.

“I like fragrances that unfold like a movie,” said Davis.

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To learn more about Davis, click here.

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