The First-Of-Its-Kind Women’s Fitted Caps Come From Made-For-The-W And Lids Partnership

Women’s Hat History Was Made

On December 13, 2022, history was made when the first-of-its-kind women’s fitted caps dropped online. Atlanta-based Made for the W – a media and lifestyle platform that elevates women’s sports and sneaker culture – spent over a year working with Lids to bring this project to life.

Melani Carter (L) and Simran Kaleka (R).
Melani Carter (L) and Simran Kaleka (R). (Picture by Ricky Shoebio)

The fitted caps represent the original eight WNBA teams and they are made from 100% woven polyester. The hats have officially sold out everywhere, said Made for the W Co-Founder Simran Keleka.

“Made for the W was able to put an idea in the air and make it a reality,” said Kaleka. “[This is] for women by women.”

Kaleka admits that she and the team were nervous about the drop but knew what they created was great.

History of Made for the W

Made for the W was originally named WNBA Kicks. With the rebrand, Made for the W is co-founded by Carter and Kaleka. Since its inception, the platform said it has shown that there is a strong push for the women’s sneaker market.

According to past coverage, Made for the W has become an authority for female sneakerheads. With the MadefortheW hashtag, they created a space for individuals to engage and interact with their favorite athletes in a more authentic way.

Kaleka came onto the team to help the brand expand, which included a new company name.

“Never give up on yourself no matter how much you have to pivot.”

– Simran Kaleka

Made for the W said to be on the lookout for changes to come.

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