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Navigating the Rise of AI

Each year The Knowledge House (TKH) – a nonprofit that works to close the gaps in the education­-to-­employment pipeline in tech – hosts its annual corporate reception in partnership with Accenture, an IT company. This year’s event was held in mid-November with a focus on AI.

TKH’s ” Navigating the Rise of A.I. and Understanding the Value of Human Innovation” was held in New York and featured panelists Anthony Edwards, Jr. of EatOkra, Nova Lorraine, MS of Raine Magazine, Kevin Pemberton of Microsoft, and Rochelle Turner of Black Women Talk Tech.

Through discussing the topic of AI and bringing experts into the room, TKH Director of Partnerships Daniel Adeyanju said people can learn about their ability to learn more skills within the tech field. Adeyanju added that Black and Brown people need to be a part of the discussion and the actions behind AI.

He said it’s about discovering “how can individuals and businesses leverage AI.”

(L-R): Priscila de Pinho, Accenture and The Knowledge House Board Member and Jerelyn Rodriguez, Co-Founder.
(L-R:) Accenture and The Knowledge House Board Member Priscila de Pinho and Co-FounderJerelyn Rodriguez. (Picture provided by The Knowledge House)

Adeyanju gave an example of why TKH focused on AI for the 2023 annual event. A few years ago iPhone released the face ID recognition feature. To make a feature like this one, someone has to create the technology, which is based on data collected. That data is usually collected by people outside of Black, Brown, and P.O.C. communities, and because of this, those who have darker skin tones had trouble opening their phones with the face ID feature. According to a Harvard study on racial discrimination in facial recognition technology, Black women with darker skin tones had the most trouble when it came to being recognized with this technology.

This isn’t the first time in tech where darker skin tones weren’t considered when developing technology. Another example is public bathroom sinks which can take multiple times to activate depending on your skin tone.

“If we love our communities, our families, our kids, we have a moral responsibility to get ahead of AI.”

– Daniel Adeyanju

With the introduction of things like ChatGPT, Adeyanju said our communities have to embrace the inevitable, and that we can’t run from it because then we will be destroyed by it.

“AI can tutor you to become a better programmer,” he said. “Everybody needs to find a problem they want to solve and leverage AI.”

AI is just one aspect TKH is focused on.

“Everyone has a responsibility to actually prepare for the future of work by gaining the knowledge and technical skills that are necessary for the future,” said Adeyanju.


TKH has two fellowships that help youth and career-ready individuals attain access to education and well-paying jobs in tech.

The Karim Kharbouch Coding Fellowship (KKCF) is a virtual 12-month program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in learning code and design skills. KKCF was cofounded by Hip-Hop artist French Montana.

The Innovation Fellowship aims to serve adult job seekers from diverse backgrounds with little to no formal post-secondary educational experience and turn them into entry-level programmers, data analysts, cyber security analysts, user experience designers, and other entry-level roles in tech. This is a 12-month program for residents of New York State, Newark, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Going into 2024, TKH is currently looking for companies to hire their fellows from the 2023 Innovation Fellowship cohort.

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