White Lily’s and Caviar Brings Luxury Spa Boutique to the Southwest Side of Chicago

Hydrofacials, Tailored Skin Care, and Boutique

The windy city is filled with businesses and things to do throughout the week depending on which side of town you live on. Chicago native LaTonya Fourte’-Lyles is a woman who likes to indulge in self-care which means she usually heads to Downtown Chicago where the main attractions are.

A year ago Fourte’-Lyles saw a need to bring a luxury spa boutique catered to women to the Southwest side of Chicago. With a background in corporate business, Fourte’-Lyles went straight to the drawing board which meant lots of research, YouTube tutorials, and outsourcing when needed.

“You have to start with the basics. Know what you don’t know and try to seek out help,” said Fourte’-Lyles. “When you’re looking to do something like this make sure that you do your homework. That you understand what it entails and that you take the necessary steps to get there.”

Through lots of planning and the intentionality to want to provide luxury, Fourte’-Lyles decided on the name White Lily’s and Caviar (WLC). According to Fourte’-Lyles, the word caviar embodies luxury and white lilies are one of the most expensive flowers.

At WLC, the goal is to make everyone feel at home through top-notch services, including high-tech massages on a Hydrotherapy water table, waxing, and facials for women and men, along with options to shop for clothes and accessories.

“I want the ability for women to come somewhere where they can relax. We do so many things, we juggle so many things, and we have a hard time just taking care of self, so this is about self-care.”

– LaTonya Fourte’-Lyles
The grand opening of White Lily's & Caviar.
The grand opening of White Lily’s and Caviar in Chicago. (Picture by Rob Randolph)

Ribbon Cutting

WLC started as an online boutique with plans to become an actual brick-and-mortar. Fourte’-Lyles started planning her business in June 2022 and on September 16, 2023, she opened the doors to WLC to the public.

WLC is located at 3313 W 115th St. Merrioneete Park, IL.

The luxury spa boutique experienced a full house with multiple sales being made at the grand opening. Customers signed up for services and received catered food throughout the event.

Isabelle Fleenor recently graduated and now works as an Esthetician at WLC. Fleenor services range from facials to waxing. As the largest organ on the body, Fleenor said we all should be paying more attention to our skin.

“Skin care is so very complex. It has so many elements to it that it’s important to come in and see an Esthetician who’s knowledgable in this industry,” said Fleenor. “…It goes beyond your type. It goes to what you do for your occupation. It goes to how many minutes are you even spending in the sun.”

This is Fleenor’s first job outside of school and she’s happy to be in a place like WLC working with Fourte’-Lyles.

“It’s been really amazing. She is a powerful woman. She pays attention to every detail. She’s a detailed person and little details kind of follow throughout the whole company and I think really brings the experience to life and makes everyone feel comfortable,” said Fleenor.

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