Xperience Milwaukee is hosting an All-White Party in Milwaukee with Live Performance from Jagged Edge

Building Up Milwaukee’s Image

Across the city, Milwaukee community leaders are coming together and creating events and spaces to acknowledge the talent and progress the city is experiencing. Xperience Milwaukee is on the same mission.  

Founded by Myron Smith, Tim Ricketts, and Johnny L. Jones, the trio combined their unique city experiences to create Xperience Milwaukee. The group is focused on creating a positive image of the city and encouraging residents to engage in activities that bring the community together. 

“We want to see the city create spaces, and time, and events that are memorable for the entire city,” said Jones. “We just want to create events that walk hand-in-hand with inclusion. We really wanted to concentrate on giving our culture, giving our city, giving our community something positive.”

Wearing White All Night

Over six months, the co-producers worked to bring a unique and inclusive event to the city’s downtown area. On Saturday, June 29, 2024, the team will be welcoming guests to the Baird Center for their inaugural All White Xperience. Beginning at 6 p.m. guests will enter the Baird Center Rooftop Ball Room to experience over six DJs, a fashion show, food, drinks, and a live performance from Jagged Edge. 

“I think what sets this event apart from everything else going on, this is multi-generational,” said  Ricketts. “Usually when people throw events here or have festivals it’s carved out for a specific demographic, specific age group, specific skin color but this is everything.” 

The event is designed to be a reason to get dressed up, have fun, enjoy, and embrace the inclusion, diversity, and culture of Milwaukee.

(L-R) Co-producers of the All White Xperience Milwaukee Tim Ricketts, Myron Smith, and Carvd N Stone Reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano and Johnny Jones. (Picture by Nyesha Stone/Carvd N Stone)
(L-R) Co-producers of the All White Xperience Milwaukee Tim Ricketts, Myron Smith, Carvd N Stone Reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano and Johnny Jones. (Picture by Nyesha Stone/Carvd N Stone)

The night will offer diverse music options to create an environment that welcomes people of all interests and tastes. The only condition: guests must arrive in all white, but shoes and accessories can be different colors.

This event is open to community members over the age of 21. All earnings from ticket sales will be donated to the local organization, Hey Gworl. The organization works to support girls living in and preparing to age out of the foster care system.

To purchase tickets click here.

Remaining Active in the Community

As the co-producers worked to bring the All White Xperience to reality, they also remained active in the community in their personal lives.

Ricketts is a member of the local band Cigarette Break, performing at local venues to bring their distinct sound to the city. Additionally, Ricketts owns and operates his own photography business, capturing special moments for local clients. 

Smith is a local business owner, co-owning and operating several restaurants on Milwaukee’s Northside, including Yum Yum Fish and Chicken. The restaurant owner uses his business to sell food reminiscent of a home-cooked meal to his guests.

Jones is a real estate broker, investor, consultant, and developer. Jones has also spent years in the healthcare field.

Together these men are Xperience Milwaukee and they are creating new spaces for the residents of Milwaukee to enjoy themselves in their hometowns.

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