Ying’s Kitchen Sells Its Asian Sauces, Batter Mixes, and More in over 30 States

Asian Cooking Made Accessible

Ying Stoller was born in northeastern mainland China where her family coined her as a bad cook. Stoller learned from her father who was considered good at cooking, and those skills would eventually lead her to a successful sauce business. After attending college, Stoller became a travel agent where she was able to experience the different flavors China had to offer.

She then began teaching Asian cooking in community colleges, cooking schools, and library programs across America’s Midwest. She was encouraged by her students to release a cookbook, “Ying’s Chinese Cookbook, Authentic but Simple”. By 2009, Ying’s Kitchen was created. Almost 15 years later Ying’s Kitchen product line includes 11 Asian sauces and Chinese-style batter mixes in over 30 states including Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, New Mexico, California, Georgia, and Texas.

“They taste our products [and] they know our quality,” said Stoller about being able to expand across the country.

Ying Stoller of Ying's Kitchen.
Ying Stoller of Ying’s Kitchen. (Picture by Ying’s Kitchen)

Ying’s Kitchen has gluten-free products, along with batter mix products that aren’t typically available in stores. Stoller said people love Asian food but it isn’t always the easiest to make, which is why she started her mixes. A great example of this is orange chicken which is a fan favorite but can be hard to make from scratch. With the help of Ying’s Kitchen batter mix, consumers just need to cut up their meat and veggies, add some oil and a little water to coat, along with the batch mix and the food is ready to go!

“[You] can make Asian food at home successfully…with our prodctus anybody can make it.”

– Ying Stoller

Ying’s Kitchen is all about promoting authentic Asian food culture, so they offer a dry rub and Youtiao mix, which is a Chinese donut.

Ying's Kitchen products.
Ying’s Kitchen products. (Picture by Ying’s Kitchen)

“Every culture has some really unique good stuff we need to learn from. Learn their food. Learn the culture,” said Stoller.

Monthly News Segment

Along with working to become a household name, Ying’s Kitchen hosts cooking demos on Milwaukee’s Fox 6 news every first Monday of the month at 10:45 am CST.


To get your own Ying’s Kitchen products, click here.

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