Marquette University Tank Pitch Night is a First of Its Kind on Campus; More to Come

Student Pitch Night

Back in July, Marquette University held a tank pitch night that featured groups of high school students who were given the chance to team up and pitch whatever they wanted.

Marquette University.
Marquette University. (Picture by Liyah Sumner/Carvd N Stone)

According to EOP Pre-College Division, Upward Bound Counselor Andrew Babb-Fowler, this was the first time Marquette has done an event is this format. In the past, students were given parameters on what to pitch, but Babb-Fowler said they wanted to give students a chance to really express themselves.

8 Teams Pitched

There were around eight teams with five to seven students in each group. Babb-Fowler said the goal was to not only teach their students how to get a job but how to create their own jobs too.

“We want our students to go to college, but we want them to think outside of the box,” said Babb-Fowler.

According to statics, there are over five million entrepreneurs under the age of 35 in the U.S.

The students pitched in front of parents and staff, with secret “investors” in the audience; no funding or investment was awarded. Winners did receive a plaque with their names on it.

The Winning Team

Shakira Malik was on the winning team. Malik attends Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy and her team created the concept of the clothing line “Stackin & Design”, which targets minority communities.

According to Malik, the team was inspired by 90s fashion. She said this opportunity made her dream bigger. She’s always saw herself as a leader but now she wants to have her own business.

“I didn’t want my own business but now I do,” said Malik.

Malik isn’t sure what business she’s going to start, but she knows it’s attainable thanks to experiences like the pitch competition.

“Whatever you think about doing, go for it,” she said.

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