Milwaukee’s Second Annual Project Healing Conference Aims to Help Women Through Sisterhood

Creating Your Own Community

The Healing Project is a nonprofit organization founded to help women heal and find their true power. The nonprofit will host its second annual Project Healing Conference on February 26, 2022, at the Infinite Church in Milwaukee.

Formed from a sisterhood circle in Cherisse Cannon-Lock’s apartment, The Healing Project has evolved into a communal healing space for all different backgrounds. The conference welcomes women from around the world to share their healing stories, along with touching on fashion, entrepreneurship, the word of God, and more. Together, women build solidarity within the conference to make sure that one message is clear: you are not alone, and that you will get through whatever you may be going through.

“I know there are other female leaders in the community who have healed on different things that I maybe can’t speak on,” said Cannon-Lock. “I think the place where a leader begins to fall is when they think that they can touch everything. Every leader needs a partner and so I decided to partner with other women in the community.” 

Last year’s theme was “Class is in Session” and this year’s theme is “Slumber Party”.

Diversity in Healing

Through The Healing Conference, Cannon-Lock is determined to show different outlooks on what healing can be. One of the featured topics of the conference this year will be “Single and Sexy”, and healing through the season of heartbreak. This conversation, like many, will encourage attendees to find their inner strength through things like femininity, beauty, and self-love. 

Cherisse Cannon-Lock, founder of The Healing Project.
Cherisse Cannon-Lock, founder of The Healing Project. (Picture by Justin Gordon/Carvd N Stone)

She invites other entrepreneurs to speak at these conferences to show diversity in healing.

Cannon-Lock is a wife, mother of three, author, first-generation business owner, and professional writer.

Aside from The Healing Project Book collection and The Healing Project conferences, Cannon-Lock has also launched The Healing Project University. This is a 12-week, four-phase course that women can take one-on-one with Cannon-Lock. In this program, she helps women navigate through the four stages of healing that she went through.

“It’s not to say that it’s necessarily going to heal you, but this program gives you the tools to really create a better future for yourself as far as healing and stepping into your purpose to become a better woman,” said Cannon-Lock. 

She encourages people to subscribe to “Everyday Devotionals with God” through her website. Every day for an entire year you can receive emails with positive messages on healing and scriptures to help you understand that the journey of healing is worth it.

Learn More

To learn more about The Healing Project, click here.

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