DJ Gemini Gilly Opens For SZA and Announces  Her “Gems Only” Series is Going to New York at Summerfest 2024 in Milwaukee

Highlighting Milwaukee’s Gems 

DJ Gemini Gilly is a Milwaukee native who has been working inside the city DJ scene for over 6 years, bringing an energetic and eclectic sound to whatever stage she’s on. Gilly has been playing for Summerfest for several years and returned to the 2024 music festival opening up for artists SZA and soon Mariah the Scientist. 

“[Djing has] definitely taken me a lot of different places. I’ve been able to perform and open for different types of artists,” said DJ Gemini Gilly.

The DJ is also the founder of “Gems Only”, an event series created to bring BIPOC communities together through music, creativity, and joy. 

DJ Gemini Gilly dropped an exclusive with Carvd N Stone and said Gems Only will be hosting its first event outside of Milwaukee. Gems Only is heading to New York.

Versatility is Queen

As a DJ, playing music that can connect with different groups of listeners is vital to DJ Gemini Gilly. It allows her to reach more people and gain supporters wherever she goes.

DJ Gemini Gilly with Carvd N Stone Reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano. (Picture by Nyesha Stone/Carvd N Stone)
DJ Gemini Gilly with Carvd N Stone Reporter Maria Peralta-Arellano. (Picture by Nyesha Stone/Carvd N Stone)

“I think it’s very important for DJs to be versatile because you never know who’s out in the crowd. You can be in front of people who don’t look like you. You can be in front of people who do like you, but you still need to know how to keep up the energy,” said DJ Gemini Gilly.

DJ Gemini Gilly’s musical inspiration pulls mostly from Hip-Hop and R&B influences. 

Wanting to Set an Example

DJ Gemini Gilly understands that being a woman in male-dominated industries can come with its own obstacles, but wants to be the one little girls can look up to when exploring their interests and future. 

“I really want little girls to know that they can do it, no matter what,” said DJ Gemini Gilly. “I know it sounds like super easy and to the point, but you can do it.”

She offers her support to women looking to become artists and DJs themselves and says that reaching out to other women in the industry can be the key to keeping the industry constantly evolving.

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