The 2nd Annual CNS Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship Selects Sean Horton

The CNS 2023 Travel Writing Scholarship Winner

The CNS Loren Martin Hintz Travel Writing Scholarship started in 2021 to honor the late writer, reporter, and publisher Martin “Marty” Hintz who passed away in 2020. Hintz loved living his life to travel, so his son Steve Hintz approached Carvd N Stone in 2021 to host the scholarship.

Each year we host a different theme for young writers to submit an 800-word essay. This year’s theme was “If you could travel to one place you’ve never been, where would it be and why?”

Sean Horton is the 2023 CNS Hintz Scholarship winner where he received a $1,000 check

Horton’s mother woke him up to the news that he had won.

“I felt so blessed and grateful to receive this scholarship. I have applied for nearly 100 scholarships to date and I won three earlier in the summer. Getting this the fourth one right before starting college was a big boost to my confidence.”

– Sean Horton
Sean Horton is the 2023 CNS Lorean Martin Hintz Scholarship Recipient.
Sean Horton is the 2023 CNS Lorean Martin Hintz Scholarship Recipient. (Picture by Liyah Sumner/Carvd N Stone)

How the Funds will be Utilized

Milwaukee native Horton is 18 years old and recently graduated from Brown Deer High School. He now attends the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where he’s double majoring in Pre-Kinesiology and Exercise & Sports Science.

“I would like to use my education to help people understand and embrace how making physical health a priority early in life is beneficial for their overall wellness, longevity of life, and a good quality of life,” said Horton.

Horton plans to use his money to help offset some of the cost of tuition.

” I really enjoy staying active. I feel like it is what helps me have a positive attitude…I also attribute that to me being active year-round with a variety of sports…I experienced firsthand the physical demands placed on athletes and witnessed the injuries that can result from improper training and/or competition,” said Horton. “I hope that my lived experience and education can be useful in helping others see how physical fitness can positively impact their lives too.

Traveling to Switzerland

Since Horton hasn’t done much traveling yet, this year’s theme gave him time to explore his mind.

“I have a chill personality. So, if given the chance for me to pick a travel destination, I would prefer to go to a place that offers a beautiful and peaceful environment. Marco Pereira’s post about Uri Switzerland came across my feed on TikTok and it checked those boxes,” said Horton.

From there, Horton did some research and discovered that he wanted to travel there.

Sean Horton.
Sean Horton. (Picture by Liyah Sumner/Carvd N Stone)

“I have always wanted to visit Switzerland, and Uri is particularly appealing to me because of its natural beauty. The canton is home to many mountains, lakes, and rivers that offer breathtaking scenery. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Uri is the Gotthard Pass, which is a mountain pass that connects Uri to other parts of Switzerland,” Horton wrote in his winning essay. “The pass is famous for its scenic views, and it is a favorite spot for hikers and cyclists. The pass is also home to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, which is the longest railway tunnel in the world. I would love to visit the Gotthard Pass to witness the stunning views and learn more about the tunnel.”

Read Horton’s full essay here.

“The family was so happy to hear that Sean’s essay was selected. We wish him the best in all his pursuits. Happy Traveling, Sean!”

– Steve Hintz

Support the Scholarship

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