Buffalo Boss Opens Second Milwaukee Location

A Consistent Start

Taj Pearsall moved to Milwaukee from Brooklyn, NY shortly after the events of 9/11. When the opportunity came to open up a family-owned business at the Sherman Phoenix, a hub for Black and Brown entrepreneurs, he didn’t hesitate to get started, naming the restaurant Buffalo Boss. 

Now as one of the Sherman Phoenix graduates, Pearsall has his first stand-alone location at 540 N. 27th St. in Milwaukee.

Taj Pearsall of Buffalo Boss.
Taj Pearsall of Buffalo Boss. (Picture by Liyah Sumner/Carvd N Stone)

Pearsall said that he is excited and hopes to make the same impact at his new location that he has in the Washington Park area.

“Customer service is an experience. You can get chicken anywhere. We respect the fact that you got options as consumers, but we want to give you an experience where you feel like you’re appreciated, your dollar has value, and your presence as well.”

– Taj Pearsall

City of Milwaukee & Near West Side Partners Contribution

Prior to Buffalo Boss’s grand opening, the building was vacant for at least 15 years. The City of Milwaukee secured the property from tax foreclosure and Pearsall’s proposal stood out amongst the competition.

“Across the country, small businesses are one of the main sources of job creation,” said Alderman Bob Bauman. “[Buffalo Boss] employ[s] 11 people here which is a great addition to the neighborhood.”

The inside of Buffalo Boss's second location in Milwaukee.
The inside of Buffalo Boss’s second location in Milwaukee. (Picture by Liyah Sumner/Carvd N Stone)

According to a Near West Side Partners (NWSP) press release, Buffalo Boss is one of the four new businesses that are opening on Milwaukee’s Near West Side. NWSP is a community and economic development organization that has a mission to revitalize and sustain the Near West Side as a thriving business and residential corridor.

Buffalo Boss received a grant through the Brew City Match, which is a partner of NWSP. The Brew City Match supports small business owners as they open brick-and-mortar locations in the Near West Side. Buffalo Boss, Gray Jett Cafe, and Washington Park Media Center all received funding.

“Part of what Near West Side Partners does is oversee Business Improvement District 10 and that is part of what we’re here celebrating today, a new business in our neighborhood,” said Executive Director Lindsey St. Arnold Bell.

She added that she likes the honey mustard wings and the traditional hot wings with the bleu cheese.

Joy’s Food Review

Since it was my first time trying Buffalo Boss, I ordered a variety of items. I enjoyed the blazin’ BBQ sauce and ranch on my chicken sandwich. It was so good that I saved a piece for later. Both the regular fries and sweet potato fries were a hit, especially because all the food was made to order. 

Buffalo Boss.
Buffalo Boss. (Picture by Liyah Sumner/Carvd N Stone)

My favorite part about the ordering experience was the options for crispy or extra crispy wings. The system lets you know the wings can be fried for an extra two minutes or four minutes. I got lemon pepper this go around but can’t wait to go back and try the sweet teriyaki sauce.

Joy Boyd

Joy Boyd is a freelance writer with a background in marketing with diversity, equity & inclusion efforts. She has managed digital media platforms for Black empowerment publications and has written biweekly newsletters on topics from self-awareness to retaining talent in local communities. Her goal is to put out positive and educational messaging.

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