Milwaukee Black and Brown News and Media Outlets The Truth and Copywrite Magazine Make Differences in Communities

Inaugural Truth Family Fest

Milwaukee’s voices are getting louder with the help of Black and Brown news and media outlets like 101.7 The Truth, a Milwaukee talk radio station focused on highlighting Black and Brown voices. The radio station hosted its first Truth Family Fest at Riverside University High School in Milwaukee on August 12, 2023. 

The gathering was a way for The Truth to truly introduce themselves to the community while providing resources from sponsors like MATC, Educators Credit Union, and Hunger Task Force. General Manager of The Truth Cherie Harris has been proud of the connections being made by the station since its inception in January 2021.

The Truth Team.
The Truth Team. (Picture by The Truth)

“We started with a mission of community connectedness and bringing Black voices to the community that’s unfiltered, unapologetic, and having real honest conversations about what’s going on in our community. That could be pop culture, sports, policing, civil unrest, but also natural wellness, housing, education, and health resources. It’s an umbrella of many different conversations and perspectives.”

– Cherie Harris

Local vendors were available indoors, including free haircuts from Chris P. Fades LLC, while local performers took the stage in the school’s parking lot. 

Good Karma Brands Connecting Entertainment Markets

Partnering with ESPN, the media and marketing company behind The Truth, Good Karma Brands LLC, uses sports and news to grow awareness and positive influence. Harris said sports are universal, and a connection point.

“With The Truth, I believe this whole perception is we’re going to have a Black station, we want people from that community to run that station. Only we understand each other and our culture and we don’t have one opinion for everybody. One Black person can’t speak for all,” said Harris.

CopyWrite Magazine to Open Doors for Artists of All Kinds

CopyWrite Magazine, owned by Lexi Brunson, is expanding its office space in the Bronzeville area. They are best known around Milwaukee for its editorial magazine and fashion events, but will soon offer programming and spaces for podcasters, music artists, photographers, and even a retail store front. 

Vato Vergara will lead the fashion department with modeling and posing courses for both youth and adults to practice self-confidence. 

The office of Copywrite Magazine.
The office of Copywrite Magazine. (Picture by Copywrite Magazine)

“This has been triggered by the community. I hear them and I resonate with the feeling of being around other creatives,” said Brunson.

Located at 2209 N. Doctor MLK Dr., CopyWrite’s office is growing from 20×15 sq. ft. to the downstairs part of the building, which has three separate units. Memberships to the space will be available at a small fee to serve the community and grant artists a built in network. 

“There’s a narrative that leaves us out. When we come together, we have the ability to cover more territory.”

– Lexi Brunson

CopyWrite will also have a green space for outdoor workshops and art galleries.

Joy Boyd

Joy Boyd is a freelance writer with a background in marketing with diversity, equity & inclusion efforts. She has managed digital media platforms for Black empowerment publications and has written biweekly newsletters on topics from self-awareness to retaining talent in local communities. Her goal is to put out positive and educational messaging.

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