Rapper KYLE Promotes Positivity to His Fans and the Music Industry at Rolling Loud  California 2024

Get to Know KYLE 

In 2016 the song “ISPY” took off on social media setting the mainstream popularity of singer, songwriter, actor, and rapper KYLE to another level. The rapper, born Kyle Harvey, is from California and has been releasing music since 2009 with his first song, “Let It Go”.

Professionally, the artist has collaborated with Kehlani, Lil Yachty, G-Eazy, Chance the Rapper, and Ty Dolla $ign. The artist’s repertoire includes three studio albums, seven mixtapes, and 16 singles. His most recent album “SMYLE AGAIN” was released on March 8, 2024. 

The album broke the artist’s two-year hiatus and explored his creativity in R&B.

The artist visited Rolling Loud in California and spoke with the Carvd N Stone Team.

Having Fun is Key

Harvey is widely known for his songs that have an upbeat feeling that weaves in light-hearted references throughout his lyrics. Positivity is something the artist likes to keep in his everyday life with the personal goal of trying to say something positive to someone every day.

“I try to say some nice shit to people all the time,” said Harvey. “Cause normally they say some nice shit back and when you receive that back your skin starts glowing, your hair starts growing. Your life just kinda improves in general.”

The artist doesn’t believe in comparing oneself to other people, saying it takes the fun out of life and the general human experience.

“I can guarantee if you’re focused on a person and how they look or what they got, you’re having less fun, ” said Harvey.

Carvd N Stone Founder, Nyesha Stone, speaking with artist KYLE at the Rolling Loud Festival 2024 in California. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)
Carvd N Stone Founder Nyesha Ston speaking with artist KYLE at the Rolling Loud Festival 2024 in California. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

A Positive Industry

Despite the stereotypes of the music industry, the artist says that it’s not all bad. The music industry is just like any other, where you find those who are like-minded to be accepted and heard. Artists are paid to express themselves and focus on what they love, their art, making it one of the most positive aspects of the job to Harvey.

“Getting to know artists and realizing a lot of them are nice and actually becoming friends with them …then getting to have a job expressing myself, what am I supposed to complain about?” said Harvey.

Harvey suggests that people who hate on others need love and he encourages his fans to give love to those looking for negative attention.

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