“Bel-Air” Cast Give Insight on Acting Methods and Advice to the Next Generation at Rolling Loud 2024 in California

Reviving the 90’s Classic

In the 90’s, the hit TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” aired in America and since then has become a signature part of not just Black culture but American culture. It has spawned the creation of memes, styles, dances, and the modern adaption of the 2022 reboot “Bel-Air”. The adaptation was based on a fan film of the same name.

The series released season two in 2023 and has been approved for a third season.

Recently Bel-Air cast members Jabari Banks (The Fresh Prince), Jordan Jones (Jazz), and Olly Sholotan (Carlton) stopped to speak with the Carvd N Stone Team at the Rolling Loud Festival 2024 in California. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

Acting Like Family 

The series covers topics such as racial tension, cultural differences, and class divisions, which many viewers can relate to. The actors often bring in their personal experiences making the realization of their characters more relatable to them and viewers. 

“Art imitates life so things that we go through in life we end up seeing that on the screen,” said Jones. “It makes the chemistry better because we kinda went through it.”

The actors expressed that outside of filming they are extremely close, like a family. They give credit to their personal experiences shaping their performance of iconic characters such as Will Smith and Carlton saying that much of the reactions seen on the show are what they would have said in reality.

(L-R) The “Bel-Air” cast Jabari Banks (Fresh Prince), Jordan Jones (Jazz), and Olly Sholotan (Carlton) at Rolling Loud 2024 in California.
(L-R) The “Bel-Air” cast Jabari Banks (Fresh Prince), Jordan Jones (Jazz), and Olly Sholotan (Carlton) at Rolling Loud 2024 in California. (Picture By Tyree Pope III/Carvd N Stone)

“Experiences that you’ve had in your life, if you take that and put it on the screen, that’s just what actors do in general,” said Banks. “ So when you’re playing this family dynamic, it’s inevitably gonna have, ‘Oh I’ve been through this with my family’ so I can take this from different aspects of my life.”

Preparing the Next Generation

When it comes to building success and achieving goals there is a long road of hard work and dedication behind it. The cast members offered their advice for people trying to achieve their dreams.

“Get used to the word No. You’re going to hear no,” said Sholotan. “The thing about the word no is that it feels like it’s about you but most of the time it really isn’t. It’s about something else.”

Additionally, the actors offered the advice of staying true to who you are as an individual.

“Follow your heart because there’s gonna be a lot of people telling you, you should do this or they see this in you,” said Banks. “People are gonna tell you a lot of what you are but you gotta know what you’re not.”

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