Speedy Morman Speaks on the Future of Journalism and the Art of Interviewing 

Bumping into Speedy

In the media world Chris “Speedy” Morman has been able to climb the ranks through his unwavering authenticity and sense of self. Raised in Queens, New York, Morman is an on-camera host, journalist, and executive producer who has worked with HBO Max, Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

Morman got his start as an anchor and host for Complex speaking on a range of topics such as food, sports, music, and style. He has since covered major events including several red carpets, a presidential inauguration, and national political conventions.

Morman also holds various brand deals representing the names of Uber Eats, Hennesy, Evian, and Puma. 

The journalist has recently traveled to California for the 2024 Rolling Loud Festival as one of the festival’s official interviewers. He made time to speak with the Carvd N Stone team. 

What it Takes to be Great  

Morman graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast and digital journalism and believes that research is the best preparation a journalist can do before an interview. A good journalist is an informed journalist and Morman believes preparation is the key to getting a good interview.

“Preparation is key for me so I prepare by preparing for the interview. I do a lot of research,” said Morman. “I think it’s important to come to the table prepared. It’s a respect thing.”

Carvd N Stone Founder Nyesha Stone with Chris “Speedy” Morman at Rolling Loud 2024 in California.
Carvd N Stone Founder Nyesha Stone with Chris “Speedy” Morman at Rolling Loud 2024 in California. (Picture by Tyree Pope III/ Carvd N Stone )

The journalist grew up as an inquisitive child, always trying to find the answer to something. His natural curiosity turned him into one of the industry’s current most notable personalities.

The Road From Here

The media is meant to be representative of people and communities and according to Morman, the industry should head towards a more diverse track. Often, the news is thought of to be negative but journalists across the nation are working to flip the narrative.

“I’d like to see the industry go towards more things like Carvd N Stone,” said Moman. “Positivity, Black faces, Black people behind the camera, doing their damn thing, that’s where I wanna see this go.” 

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